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    Awhhh so cuteee :3


    My kitten =D


    haha omg your cat looks exactly like you do when i say sometihng stupid :P it's sooo puurrty


    Well i don't have a pet mysel because we live in a flat and i can't have the dog i want, and mom hates cats :( But this is my cousin's cat and i love itt :3 it's so quiet and lovely.


  2. hahah :P No way. I won't.

    I'm in shock, i can't have friends like you :(


    Awww same hereee, after some years I'll be a teacher uf, don't want to, but that's the 1-st step -.-

    English/german teacher. Hooow sweeeet.


    See, SEE! He never does, I told you ='(

    And HE says I stalk him.

    Awwwhhh good luck with thaaat :3


    Omg nooo, why he says such a thing? :o

  3. Im not going to put my Twitter here because none of you would be interested in what i talk about, unless you love nature etc.


    but just reached 524 followers :D and 4477 tweets

    Awhh i love nature. But i hate twitter. I still have it but barely use it. That's a nice thing to say at a twitter thread :P

  4. And what's after uni?

    After uni comes the chaos. I'll be a teacher, in high school teaching the subjects of lit/poetry, Ancient greek/Latin, and modern greek. I hope i can survive :D

    I also tuter some kids in English. Yeah imagine if i help them how good they must be :P


    ^nonya business. As Dina's attorney she doesn't have to answer your questions.

    Widu bad boy, don't be rude to people. Apologise to Yuliaz at once :P

  5. haha true :P Maybe I won't go, but idkkk I can't decide!


    Well srs if it's only one class, you wouldn't really miss anything if you didn't go.. Also if it's in the morning like 8 am or 9 i'd definately wouldn't go :P


    I'm bad influence.

  6. We are checking whether the chat is popular enough to allow more people. As that will cost extra...

    Awh didn't know that. No worries then ^^


    Meh I'll force my self :P It's maths..and I won;t get a thing anyway but ah well.

    Ahh since it's maths then you shouldn't even bother :P

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