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  1. Yee I seeee.

    Aww yea and besides she has a perfectly fine body, don't know what's her problem, she always looks in the mirror and acts like "I'm fat.. I'm so fat..." -.-

    Maybe she's anorexic.. Anorexia is not necessarily being skinny. Its a psychological problem unfortunately. She indeed sees herself fat. Poor her.

  2. ^wth? Is she stupid or something?

    She's really stupid. She was so wrong and still continued to ignore us like that. puhh. Tomorrow we'll see what happens.



    Andddd Dinaaa stop sitting on diets, they do nothing, after you stop, you eat again, and all kg's come back x2. I've never been on a diet. One girl in my class doesn't eat anything at all, she only drinks water, and she wonders why she gets sick.

    Awhh sucks. Well by diet i mean at least avoiding the very fattening foods and stuff. But still xD


    Gosh drinking just water is lame. Awhh poor her.

  3. -People who are rude to or yell at cashiers.


    -When someone puts an empty soda can/bottle back in the fridge. Why, why would you do that, why?


    -When someone texts you then you reply in an instant and then they text you back after an hour. I mean, you just texted me you can't be that busy,

  4. sup guys? (:

    Ohaaai. Nothing much as always. You?


    I just ate a slab of chocolate cake......whoops-so much for the diet

    lmao my life. I'm always in a diet and yet i always eat something that i shouldn't. But it's getting cold here and when it's cold i always need chocolate :( And then the spots on my face go wild :(



    What a bad day today. We had practice at schools today, which means us uni students go to schools, high schools in the matter, and observe how teachers do their job, we ask the students if they like the educational system, what improvements should there be made and stuff.

    So our teacher forgot to announce the actual time we should go to the schools so no one actually went there. And then she started shouting at us how it's all our fault and we're not responsible. We told her she's wrong and she said we're all gonna fail. We were protesting for the entire day <_<

    That's it! I'm never gonna get my degree.



  5. @ 130671 You look like a model, beautifull pictures

    That look-like-a-model girly is Stoga. 130671 just messed up with the quotes lol. Just sayin'


    Gosh... I envy your hair! *________*


    Awhh faaaanks, you shouldn't be it's a pain in the backside n__n. You on the other hand look gorgeous.

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