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    Gawhh love them and all theirs songs. I'm so glad they exist haha


    Didn't used to listen to them until after i listened to 'Time is running out'. Loved them ever since.

  1. Uhm just a silly question, since i don't remember what we did with the old houses, do we actually get to chose which house we want to get into? Or the moderator we pm adds us randomly in one?

  2. I can't even chose one. But if i had to, it'd be Sirius or Snape . They're both such dramatic characters, suffered a lot and still were so strong.


    I also like Ginny a lot, the way she's described in the books (because the way she is in the movies is a bit disappointing)

  3. ^Exactly my thoughts.


    I always wanted to go to the premieres but yeah they cost waaaay too much. Which is a shame :(

    Awhh trust me if i had the chance to be in a premiere i wouldn't mind the money. But i live so far from there ;( And on top of that all the movies in my country come out on theaters aprox 1-2 weeks after the premiers. And i can't wait so much :(

  4. Uhm let's see if i remember accurately, i started of as 'Padme' long ago, then changed it to 'Sad.eyes.never.lie', then 'closet.monkey', then 'live.and.let.die', then 'Guest' and my last one was 'Dina'. So this one is almost the same :D

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