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  1. ITA Lady Deadpool-stunning as always!! :) I really cant wait to see it-looks stupid but stupid funny!!! :) looks def better than Hot Tub Time Machine! Lol!!


    Agreed! Tbh, I thought I'd only watch it for Emma, but it kinda looks hilarious so I might actually enjoy it! haha agreed! Though it had some funny lines that one :P

  2. You all look amazing!


    Why do I always look so sad xD


    Sad is beautiful in every way! Love your style, I say it every time haha :D


    Horrible facials



    Horrible Perfect facials. There fixed :P


    I seen this and had to comment boob! Your hair has gotten so much longer since the last photo. :o


    I took this one when the UK had nice weather about a week or so ago. Messing around as per. I don't like smiling now I have a brace my chin goes weird.



    I've been looking at the perfection that your hair is for 5 mins straight. Gorgeous!

  3. I don’t need a friend who changes when I change and who nods when I nod, my shadow does that much better. -Plutarch


    Sometimes when you say something, the words seem to have a power all their own. So even if you want to take them back, you can't. - 7th heaven

  4. The Red arrows came to my city! Such a fantastic show! :D Too bad it wasn't properly advertised; not many people were aware. I thought we were being bombarded at first :P Was lovely though! So coordinated, bless.







  5. There will always be Superman fans out there ALWAYS YOU HEAR ME :P I'm a huge fan, always been, and a huge DC fan in general and I'm just gonna put it out there it seems to me that the critics always try to put DC films down and they tend to overate the Marvel ones sooooo yeah. I bet this film is going to effing kick butt! It looks amazing, a bit darker (well you can't go wrong with Nolan) and I'm super excited. If it goes well, maybe DC will think about JLA? I've heard that they're thinking about it, but Idk if it's legit.


    EDIT: I have mixed feelings about Brandon, there's something about him I didn't like, he was too "soft"? Idk. Henry Cavill fits perfectly, we'll see!

  6. Julie said that Katarina (you totally read this in Elijah's voice, didn't you? :P ) will play a major part in season 5. But I wonder how's it gonna work, being in the uni with Elena and all.  I loved the finale, it was amazing, and such a cliffhanger it ended with! Haven't read the books, so I wouldn't know.


    I'm also excited for The Originals as well! More Elijah for starters, but generally I'm really keen for flashbacks and a nice plot. Even though I don't like the whole baby Klaus thing yet!

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