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    Maaaaan, I HATE the neighbor way of voting SO MUCH! It's so unfair, like how can not Cyprus vote for Greece and Denmark for Sweden or Ukraine for Russia, that's so impossible not to -.- That's the worst thing about Eurovision and the ESC official fb gone crazy, 1000+ comments in sec's wow! Anyway, next time in Denmark..it's almost 3am :o


    We've always known that Eurovision is about politics and not about talent, but at least Greece has only Cyprus as a support, not like 20 countries, like the Soviet clique or the Northern countries have. That's why they always win, not because they're talented.


    As for Denmark it was not worhty of 1st place. It was a nice song, but definitely not #1 place material, IMO.

  2. Yes I thought you were referring to GoT as a whole, including the books as well, since you mentioned the plot issue.  But yeah the TV show of course would have some problems. It would be difficult as well as boring and confusing to maintain a straight narrative; especially for the ones who are not already familiar with the books and the characters and the different sceneries. So yeah the TV show could not be considered a masterpiece but then again one will call something 'something' in comparison with other 'somethings' of their kind. I don't know what would be considered as a masterpiece tbh, but it's without a doubt one of the best series ever.

    As for the music, like you said brilliant! I have a thing for osts, like I've said before I've started one too many anime I didn't initially like ( :P ) based on their amazing music!


    What I didn't like though, I don't know if I've mentioned it here, is the way they portrayed Robb. I love Robb seriously even if he wasn't much of a protagonist in the books as he is in the movies, but anyways.

    Robb would never risk anything because of loooove and marry someone else while he was promised to another woman. I mean in the books he made one mistake, he slept with her only one night, he was devastated he has a penis (well guys) he made a mistake and BOOM. Afterwards he felt like he should marry her  so as to not would her honour. He did this thing which eventually lead him to his death, because he was an honourable amazing lord and the TV show fails to show that. Instead they show that Robb ruined everything because he's just a kid who fell in love with a nurse. Oooookay,



    The plot is weak and the narrative is messy. Everyone keeps saying it's a masterpiece but to me it's good, but not that good. It's very simplistic but has the odd nice sub-plot.



    Mm I don't think I can agree to that. First time I read the 1st book I admit I didn't like it, mostly because I don't like Martin's writing style. Too many details, too large sentences, which make the writing confusing and tiring. The narrative is messy in a way, but only because there isn't one protagonist, one key House that everything revolves around it. There are many, way too many, key characters, too many background stories etc which makes it super awesome! And that's why the plot is everything but weak!

    Now as far as the series are concerned they can't put everything into it, it's impossible. It's just a TV show, they are not made of money. But the spectacle they've achieved so far is outstanding imo.


    No I said Joffrey, he dies in A Storm of Swords which will be season 4.


    However, it has been said in Season 4 they are changing the person who kills him.


    Really? Haven't read this, why would they do that?


    EDIT: I swear one of these days I'll get the hang of multiquoting and editing properly! >.>


    @Badab:"Good, i don´t thought the Queen of Thorns was the right choose, a delicious but a bit to fragile heh?"  But whyyy I love Grandmommy Tyrell, she's super awesome!

  4. Oh God I can't even choose, there's no "favourite" when it comes to music, especially OSTs. I'd have to say that Ben Hur's ost is beyond divine and will always hold a special place in my heart. And of course the Star Wars ost. Alexander the Great as well, and pretty much anything by Hans Zimmer.


    Also the Disney Classics especially Lion King and Pocahontas. Amazing scores.

  5. So am I the only one who's a tad disappointed with this game? I only started playing it today, but it has nothing to do with the old fashioned TR style. I know I'm being sentimental but I am a huge TR lover and it's just Idk how to phrase it, it seems like an amazing game, but not a TR game. Some would say that the gaming style has changed in general and that the old TR formula just wouldn't work but it seems to me that they could totally incorporate old-style TR puzzles with the new combat engine, they just chose not to, which I personally don't like. Not really keen to keep on playing.




    But I started watching yesterday and finished season 1 today. And I must say I love the show. :P


    Yaaay! Who's a good boooooy, Widu's a good boooooy. :P



    I freaking hate Joffrey even more after the latest episode, that sadistic motherlover. I'm curious though who's worse Joffrey or Ramsey?


  7. Listening to the recording of my singing lesson and wondering why I hate my speaking voice so much...


    haha same here! Idk why, maybe because your voice sounds different in your ears when you talk, rather than what others hear/when you hear it recorded if that makes any sense?


    Waiting for my parents to come back so I can help them unload some stuff and watching YT videos.

  8. Lol yes mistress you DO look like a person in her 30s... :P ....get used to it....the good times are over :yesyes:  :D


    I don't have to get used to anything, I'm 23. And I know I don't look like in my 30s irl, so I just wanted to know if I come off like this in pictures or it was just these specific ones. But I get the bitterness of your comment, you just want to feel younger again. It's okay.


    It's not my face but.. I did it, finally :D


  9. you look beautiful and from this time period :P


    haha glad to hear :P Thank youuu!


    You look lovely and you look older but not in your 30's! Maybe it's the clothes in the photo? More mature. XD



    haha yay! Thanks love!


    Cute husky! :o


    Ikr? It protects me from the demons at night :sob:

  10. Somewhat dark, I knowww, but I grew my brows and I feel accomplished :P



    Do I actually look like I'm in my 30s? A person on fb just said this and it strikes me as odd because in real life people always tell me I look younger than my age, so maybe it's the camera? I don't know.

  11. 'There is no present or future. Just the past. Happening over and over again.'

    'I really love language. I love it for what it does for us, how it allows us to explain the pain and the glory, the nuances and the delicacies of our existence. And then it allows us to laugh, allows us to show wit. Real wit is shown in language. We need language.'

  12. Ugh sooo many ships, but hmm the canon ones I can think of right now are:


    Lizzie/Darcy (P&P)

    Monica/Chandler all the way (Friends)

    Aragorn/Arwen (lotr)

    Hermione/Ron (HP)

    Leia/Solo (SW)

    Helena/Damon --It's considered canon for me sorry Stelena fans :P(TVD)

    Huge shipper of Tess/Nick (McLeod's daughters)

    Lorelei/Luke (Gilmore Girls)

    Carol/Daryl (TWD)

    Garcia/Derek (Criminal minds)

    Spencer/Tobby (PLL)

    Lucy/Kevin (7th Heaven)


    I won't even start on the anime shipping.

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