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  1. Do you think emma would want to be a superhero or supervillain girl in a marvel or DC comics movie? Emma said she won't be doing any major blockbuster films anymore....I don't know if this was a rumor or she actually did say that. I mean why wouldn't she want to be wonder woman for instance if she were offered the role?

    lol this thread is exactly what I commented on another thread couple of days ago, pftt.  Anyways like I said I'd personally like to see her in a superhero movie because it'd be different, but I don't think she could pull off Wonder Woman of all heroines.


    Now as far as if she would want that kind of role, I don't think she ever mentioned something similar ever so I wouldn't know.

  2. A few minutes until it's the 15th here, but oh well :P Happy birthday to Emma! She's gone a long way since she was an 11y old little adorable creature! I hope she's always happy and successful and lovely. Many happy returns!

  3. Globus - Preliator


    Once upon a time in america - soundtrack  awesome. So melancholy and such a brilliant film. I always see Robert de Niro with this pipe and the big fat smile. 

    I love that piece so much, it's haunting! I love everything Morricone.

  4. Try not to judge it by modern day standards. By that I mean in comparison to modern day literature it's not going to be anything like Harry Potter, Twilight, The Hunger Games, ect. in terms of ease of reading or even really catching your attention. I specialize in 19th century literature and creative writing, and Frankenstein is more of a classic example of Romanticism and the legitimation of the novel, in those regards and in terms of what it did for the gothic genre it was a pretty big deal. By today's standards though it's not going to be as action packed or engaging to the modern reader as the aforementioned books. If you're not into analyzing literature you probably won't enjoy it too much, but it's still worth reading so I'd encourage you to finish it, if nothing else you will be one of the few who knows all the common misconceptions surrounding Frankenstein.


    I'm about to read Titus Andronicus (Shakespeare) then I have Atonement by Ian McEwan up on deck.


    How come I haven't answered to this? xD All I wanted to say is that not everyone reads a book the way we, who have majored in literature, do. We notice a lot of things that concern not only the obvious meanings but also the subtle ones, the language, the historical background, the era it was written, the author's influences and so many other details. A lot of people don't actually do that, and they judge a book, based on the very story alone, based on their taste, and that's about it. I really don't blame them I don't want to come off like that and I really don't consider myself superior in any way. But I speak from experience, the first time I read Frankestein long ago I was not thrilled and I never got why people liked it. I read it again this very year, when I took an online course on Fantasy and Sci-Fi lit, and I understood so many more things, so many incredible motifs that people tend to overlook.



    Just finished Doctorow's Little Brother and currently reading North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell. I only recently saw the TV series so I thought I'd read the book as well.

  5. ^That's lovely! :D I did it last year too at my Church and I felt incredibly good. Too bad I don't have as much to donate anymore lol but at least some of us offer to tutor poor kids for free.


    Just finished my dinner, chatting a bit and playing a game on fb

  6. I'd definitely like to see her in a period drama, in a dynamic kind of role. I'd also love to see her in a superhero movie :P (well she could do anyone but Wonder woman, she wouldn't pull Diana off.) I don't know it'd be challenging the way I see it and I'd like to see her kicking some butt. Physically.

  7. Yep, loved it! I'm so excited for this season! I love Tyrion's comebacks :P Oh the baby dragons are growing older :wub: 

    Also I know that we're still a lot of episodes away, but I'm still not emotionally ready for

    the Red wedding.  :sob:  My heart is going to be exploded in million little pieces.


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