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  1. Um if in a paralel universe or some turn of destiny, I would of been her classmate, I would tell her ''you know Em, that was 10 point to gryffindor!' and get at least a giggle.

    She'd know i made a joke, I believe in her, that she has a sense of humour


    Right. I mean it is kinda funny, and if Emma was (TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE) in the same class as me, I'd just go "Emma, you deserve 20 points, you know." 'Cause i'm pretty sure she wouldn't be offended if it was said nicely. :rolleye0012:

    And i think this rumour isn't true

    It;s just on twitter.

  2. I think Snape would see Lily.

    Anyone agree?


    Dumbledore would probably, like Harry, see his family..


    People think Hermione might see her getting all O's on her O.W.L's and N.E.W.T's.

    But I think when she grew older, she started thinking a bit less about books and stuff.


    Neville: his parents back to normal.


    Sirius: (before death) a free man with James and his other friends.


    Lupin: (before death) himself younger, not bitten by a werewolf.


    George: Fred alive

  3. I would freak out...especially if she asked me to choose the destination. I would certainly want to impress her and make her happy but c'mon: she's Emma Watson. She's very likely seen most of this fine planet of ours.



    What would you do if Emma shoplifted, right in front of you?


    Freak out and go into comma, wondering whether i should tell or not..

  4. Study of Ancient Runes: A; I'm learning chinese. I'm bad at it, but maybe that would help

    Arithmancy: P?

    Astronomy: A (hopefully)

    Care of Magical Creatures: A; animals r cool

    Charms: E

    Defense Against the Dark Arts: O;

    Divination: P: I don't believe in superstitions and stuff

    Herbology: A

    History of Magic: P; I'd fall asleep

    Muggle Studies: E. i am a muggle :sweatdrop:

    Potions: E

    Transfiguration: O;


    And Gryffindor, or Slytherin

    I wanna become an auror

  5. I met him in my home town, Leeds. Just had a quick chat with him about the local football team! He's a very down to earth nice guy, and he's just exactly like he is in all the interviews you see.


    edit: Oh and this was just over a year ago. Just as they were finishing DH, as I think he was saying something about going down south the day after to do some filming.


    LUCKY! He;s so AWESOME!!

  6. For some reason, I just cry.

    I cried when Fred, Tonks, Lupin, Snape dying.

    Dumbledore's death made me cry too.

    I cried so much when I saw Lily telling Harry "You are so loved. Mama loves you. Dada loves you. You are so loved, Harry. Be safe. Be strong."

    It's just SOO sad.

  7. I may be wrong, but I thought what Dumbledore saw was answered either in DH or in a post-DH interview with JK. Perhaps it was just Harry thinking he knew what Dumbledore would see rather than Dumbledore actually saying it, I don't have a copy with me to check.

    But yeah, I think he'd see Ariana alive and well, if not his whole family reunited happily.

    I find it fascinating that you said Grindelwald, though, Arie. That would certainly be interesting. I don't think he would, considering all the trouble he caused, but maybe Grindelwald could be part of the picture - a happy, healthy family and a non-psychotic, non-power-hungry, non-murdering Grindelwald at his side...? Maybe that's asking too much :P


    I'm not sure what I would see. Just happiness, I think, and love. Completion. I don't know.


    You're right about Dumbledore. He will see his family, and Ariana, like Harry.

    I don't know what I might see? Life. Happy Family, and me surrounded with my family I miss so much.

  8. I would not want that to happen! Sometimes Harry Potter is REAL 2 me..


    I can totally relate to that! I cried my heart out when Dobby died..how much more if any of the trio was killed! I really don't know why my emotions get so intense sometimes over unreasonable and superficial matters..


    Exactly.. I felt so sad when Fred and Dobby died, and when Tonks and Lupin were holding hands in the movie, I broke down, and my sister said I was crazy to cry so much in a movie. But honestly, Fred and Dobby and Tonks and Lupin didn't deserve to die.. :sob:

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