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  1. Awhhh why sweety? :o Your hair's straight and shiny and have a wonderful color! Go go go have a hair cut you'd like, you'll love it after :P


    Ugh Tumblr and it's over capacity!! :sob:



    well I'll see if I can find a well made product that won't ruin my hair.


    off topic, TUMBLR IS DOWN AGAAAAIN.....




    im like


  2. As requested another pic:





    my gosh you're a gorgeous girl! love your eyes!



    anywayy I've never really posted a picture of myself beforee but here's some that I just took this afternoon with my bestie! I'm the one on the lefttt.







    if you have me on facebook you can all the whole album :D

    excuse me for looking really crazy.. :mellow: we ate McDonald's before these pictures were taken so it was like a sugar rush, haha


    omfg you're so pretty!!

    i dont think ive seen you before, but seriously your really pretty :3



    heres me~

    yeah idk what i was doing

  3. eh bout 2-3 years?


    i still have a lot more to learn but yeah idk lmao

    i think its easier if you actually like it and really want to learn it

    and i also think its better if you start by watching or listening to shows/movies/songs in that language

    i think is better like that to hear and learn how they express along with the grammar and shiz

    idk how to explain lol but um yeah :3

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