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  1. Hello Rioters. Look at your friend, now back to me. Now at your friend, now back to me. Sadly, he isn't me, but if he stopped using petrol bombs and started using job centre he could be me. Look down, back up. Where are we? You're at an interview with the man your friend could work for. What's in your hand? Back at me. It's an application form to that job you need. Look again. The form is now money. Anything is possible when you get a job and stop looting. I'm on a horse

  2. Omg thats insane!!!! I didn't realize all this was going on! I have to call all my friends and family and make sure they are alright! I am going to kill my dad for not telling me!!! Are the riots about the school taxes or something else?


    No, the riots are because they are using the excuse of a possible unfair justice of a man gunned down to riot around London for the sake of it.

  3. Wonder if there has been any updates regarding the riots going on. As I understand, Emma is in London just now, and as a fan, I shed concern that she hasn't been caught in the middle of it all. I know what that's like, it's not a pretty experience.


    I normally don't share concerns like this, but seeing how the riots has escalated, I'm concerned for the others well being with not just the businesses being burned down, but families homes too :(.


    If this is the wrong place to place this topic, feel free to correctly place it in your discretion mods.

  4. RUN EMMA RUN!!!




    Wonder what she was in a rush for.


    I have removed a number of images. While we do not prohibit paparazzi photos on the forums, images that show such a blatant disrespect for Emma will not be tolerated.


    Good show mate :)

  5. I am not in love with Emma Watson

    I like her curly hair,

    the way she looks at me through the television screen.

    But I just don't think she can handle me.

    I am willing to coöperate with her in her attempts to prove me wrong.


    The Count Of MarcoFisto


    *epic facepalm*

  6. Being a douchebag is not a skill.


    You are missing the point though, yes you can be a "douchebag" but do you know how much those photos can come up to? They don't care as they will be making money out of it.


    I don't give a shit what you douchebags think about "Ohhh, they need to earn a living too" no, screw that, being a dickweed is not a way to earnn your money. There job is to take pictures THAT'S IT. They can take pictures without pissing people off. If I were her friend I would be breaking cameras and beating the shit out of the papz. People these days have no fucking decency for other humans anymore.


    Breaking cameras, and get arrested for assault and damage property.... good one *thumbs up*


    Well...she chose the life she has. No, I'm NOT supporting the paparazzi on this one bit. I hate the way they treated her. But sadly this is the sacrifice you make for being famous. :/


    I think Taylor Swift has it right.




    That was an interesting clip, thanks :)

  7. Your reactions are ignorant. I do not like how paparazzi work either, but given the fact that it was her decision to become an actress/model and to move to the US, where pursuing celebrities is far more extensive than in the UK, it was her decision to endure excessive public interest as well. That is why actors and celebrities in general are so overpaid – because the society is interested in their private lives and demands constant and interesting information. The photo of Emma Watson going to see a film with hipster friends is worth $20, while a photo of her hitting a paparazzo with a purse is at least a hundred times the price. If people were not buying it, paparazzi would not exist. I would even say that it is hypocritical to write “leave her alone†in caps and saying how shocked and disgusted you were after seeing this and then keep sharing and discussing the newest related information on a forum dedicated to her. Yourselves are a part of the machinery against which you protest.


    The majority of bold which represents the topic itself, I agree completely. Welcome to the media world that is defined as business. You would not believe the costs of one picture is for publicity. Some cases, hundreds, and thousands depending on the circumstance. If they make profit out of it, they aren't going to stop. People need to make a living, and if this is their professional lifestyle, they aren't going to suddenly stop and have a career change if that is the only skill they posses.


    Kudos to Emma keeping her chin up high and ignoring the paparazzi and along with her friends in the car being very supportive, that's friendship to you :) If it was me, I would have just stuck my hearing aids in my pocket and sign lanaguaged to my friends *I'm deaf in both ears, and my close friends and I use basic sign language to communicate in Karate :)*


    The underlined quote, spot on again, I also agree with. Something happens, we talk gossip, and move on. It just goes on and on and on, the cycle won't change for a long while.

  8. To answer the topic question. I listened to the Letterman interview which I can link if somebody would like it where Emma said she does drive a Prius and gave up on driving manual and only passed the automatic test.


    To talk about the Prius: You eco-friendly tree hugers who think the Prius will save the planet are horribly wrong. The Prius uses the electric motor up to 30mph. most non residential roads are 45+ mph. Sure it gets a good mile to gallon ratio but it depends on how you drive. Jeremy Clarkson proved that if you drive a BMW M3 at the same speed of a Prius going relatively fast, the M3 will be way more efficient.


    Glad I bought myself nice big car last week then, vroom vroom! :)

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