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  1. And the Story I refer to was printed in one of the greatest german newspapers. So.... sorry, this film is a pure flop.


    Could you give me a link to this story? I'd like to see with my own eyes if it's really as bad as you desribe it. I only read articles from Suddeutsche Zeitung and there was hardly anything negative there.

  2.  "Film" magazine from Poland wrote "Colonia" was very good and rated it 8/10. It was on Twitter, though, so I'm waiting for a full review. 

    http://film.com.pl/recenzje/10001972/TIFF-15-Colonia.html - a full review. Long story short, the reviewer really liked the film and praised actors, especially Emma, saying her performance was brilliant. 

    As I said I don't like listening to reviews- I have seen plenty of movies over the years where reviews were positive and I hated the movies or vice versa. Reviews are nice and all, but I go by one review- mine ;)

    I agree. There are plenty of films that got bad reviews, yet I liked them. However, if reviews are bad, I doubt a film is released in the US and it would be a shame if "Colonia" wasn't distributed in the US, wouldn't it? I hope we'll get more positive reviews from Zurich. 

  3. Love this photoshoot, especially pictures with Alejandro! They look so cute hugging each other. This time, I don't mind the styling. Those jeans are really cool. I would wear them myself (if I had enough money to buy them in the first place). Constance Jablonski is one of my favourite models, but I wish Emma were on the main cover. 

  4. Not sure why they barely used any dialogue. Kind of messes with the pacing.

     Maybe because of "all the flat dialogue".  :P


    More reviews: http://www.screendaily.com/reviews/colonia-review/5093094.article http://vanityfair.com/hollywood/2015/09/emma-watson-colonia?mbid=social_twitter "Film" magazine from Poland wrote "Colonia" was very good and rated it 8/10. It was on Twitter, though, so I'm waiting for a full review. 


    As for the trailer - Emma looks awesome and so does Daniel. It might be a bit messy and there seem to be too much running, but I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy the film. I can't wait to see it.

  5. So today is the day of the premiere at TIFF, right? Can't wait for the reviews. I'm so excited (and kind of nervous) as if I were the one playing the lead role. :P The still and the poster look great. Love her hair in the last photo.

  6. I especially love the look with the light brown (? yellow ?) skirt. 

    I love it too! The skirt is beautiful. 


    A new one from today:



    I'm in love with this outfit. It's a bit edgy, but still chic. The shoes are just to die for.


    The last photo is also my absolute fave, I might just have fun and create that mockup cover just for us, and well if sarah signed NDA's she cannot say a word w/out emma knowing, and well maybe emma's a tough boss hehehehe. and maybe sarah's the type to blush and fluster quickly, and maybe the interviewer was rather intimidating, that';s a lot of maybe's................

    Ohhh, that would be awesome! I hope you'll find enough spare time to prepare such a cover. I used to create "Witch Weekly" covers for fun, but nowadays I kind of lost inspiration. 

    Regarding Sarah... If you avoid answering such a question, then it's obvious something is not right, not that it's wrong to get help from a stylist. If she didn't help her in daily life, she would've given a straight answer, I'm sure. 

    I also love the picture in that leopard jacket. She looks really alluring there. 

  8. UHQs


    forums.thefashionspot.com @miguelalmeida


    I wish the last photo was the cover photo. (If I had more time and better photoshop skills, I would make my own Vogue UK cover.) I don't get why her stylist wasn't allowed to answer the question about helping Emma in daily life. If you don't answer such a question, the reply is rather obvious. 

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