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  1. So the train I was supposed to catch has been cancelled and the one before (and after) might be cancelled too. Lovely.
  2. I never pay attention to subtitles so if you could, that would be really awesome! :hug:
  3. New wallpapers are soooo good :wub:
  4. Thanks Ashley Thanks so much, Jade!
  5. Thanks Cathrine, Stef and Marta <3 @ Marta - I started watching PLL but couldn't find working links to watch it online so I kinda gave up xD
  6. This is not the best quality, I know, but it's about time I updated so...
  7. I love them all sooooooo much!! :wub: :wub: I love how you used different styles for each of them too, thanks soooo much :hug: :hug:
  8. You need to be clear with me, you know what I'm like.
  9. You're so funny! Seriously, that wasn't snow last night. Snow doesn't hurt when you step out in it >.<
  10. Ahhh, that's sooo good! I love it, thank you <333
  11. I prefer the second wallpaper And I love your set
  12. I don't ship Stelena, but your sig is beautiful And the Elijah sig is He neeeeds to come back already <333 I like Stef's requests too, the first Edward/Bella sig is gorgeous <3 And...oh my god, I can't remember her name so I'll call her Fleur xD I really love that one
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