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  1. I can't remember where I left my phone and calling it wouldn't be of any use because it's on silent
  2. Harleen Quinzel

    I Miss

    When we used to talk about random crap but we didn't care because we were talking to each other
  3. Thank you, Jon. It's okay because as Dina said, better late than never
  4. You know I love you but you don't even care anymore.
  5. Harleen Quinzel

    I Miss

    How things used to be.
  6. Jade - Aww, thank you so much! Stef - hehe, thank you
  7. Changed eye colour, dress colour, texture/background to match the dress.
  8. hahahahaha, this episode of Supernatural has kitsune in it All I can think of is Shinichi and Misao from the Vampire Diaries books
  9. Making a wallpaper, going to try something different.
  10. Previously... Katerina Ginger Fitzgerald Katherine Pierce Gold*Star Katerina (again) Vampire Barbie Original Witch
  11. That wallpaper is sooo pretty
  12. Okay. I just posted it in this thread because no one had already.
  13. Oh, I already knew he was the frontrunner. It was only posted on lionsgatepublicity (the link I posted) today though, which is why I didn't believe anything up until now >.< I'm so disappointed Nothing against Sam, of course. I'm curious to know who this is.. I'd like it to be Madge (especially since she wasn't in THG), but it'll probably end up being Annie. I have seen suggestions for (spoiler for Mockingjay) , though Like....show her RIGHT at the end after Gale says (in spoiler tags just in case there are still some people who haven't finished CF)
  14. Looks like I spoke too soon... Sam Claflin officially cast as Finnick Odair Hm.
  15. Lindy - OMG thank you SOOOOOO much!!! I LOVE my gift :wub: Cathrine - I've had the cast on for nearly six weeks now, I think It's coming off in a week or two Dina - Thank you, Dina
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