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  1. Thanks very much, I'm trying to get better
  2. Oh honey, I didn't know you were that bad at counting.
  3. That Amy Lee wallpaper is amazing! Did you do anything to her eyes or were they already like that? The Edward/Bella one's cute too
  4. I like the Peeta sig the most out of the three on the previous page I love the wallpapers you've posted, I like the second one best And your set I still have yet to see the movie though, hahaha. Is it any good?
  5. I hope it's not Sam Claflin, he just doesn't scream Finnick to me I'm pretty happy with who they've cast so far. Alan Ritchson (Gloss) = :excited:
  6. Thanks Arie, I had a lovely day <3 @ Cathrine - Yesss, I'm a big fan of the Olympics as if that wasn't obvious I was out shopping with my mum and step dad. I went to step out of the way so someone could pass but decided (not really) to trip myself up at the same time. Tried to stop myself from actually falling, twisted my left foot and landed really awkwardly on its side, heard a crunch, could not walk
  7. Maroon 5 Wenlock (Olympic mascot, SO freaking adorable!) Usain Bolt Tom Daley
  8. Thank you, Ashley and Cathrine <33
  9. Thanks Kella, Jeremy & Helen <333 Well, it's been a pretty good day so far. Weather's not fantastic, but I was hardly going to go anywhere with a broken foot Cast's coming off soon though, thank god I'm surprised I had money (£70) tbh, I've been told by several relatives that by the time I turned 18, I wouldn't be having money anymore. They still give it to me, though I also had a 20 cm Wenlock plush (the Olympic mascot, he's freaking adorable!), a Wenlock collectible figure, collectable coins that have different Olympic events on them (I can spend them, but I'm not going to)
  10. I lovelovelove the Ian, Andrew and Taylor stuff :wub:
  11. Aww Stef, this is so nice of you! Everything you made is sooo beautiful, thank you sososososo much!! :hug:
  12. FINDING NEMO!! I love that one <3333
  13. I'm glad to hear you're doing alright again, it's great to have you back <33
  14. Thanks Cathrine I know, I miss it already New set
  15. Harleen Quinzel


    Cathy/Catherine Just finished Wuthering Heights for the millionth time
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