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  1. In terms of renting/ borrowing that happens for every celeb at ever event. Typically they are on loan. Any celeb who uses a stylist, so most, wear those outfits on lens. Especially the vintage or archived pieces. I guarantee most of the shows Emma has worn were a loan. She probably doesn't rent them because designers want her to be seen on their clothes. Also with a stylist she wouldn't rent them just pay the styling fees.

  2. Omg I cried. I love Ezra he is the one person I never concidered. I can't wait to find out that story. Especially since he knew from the second he and aria hooked up in the first episode. I want to know his story! One of the writers or producers. Someone released a statement that this is not going to be like Toby. That Ezra is the real deal. They aren't saying for yet weather he is real A or not but that he is extremely close.


    Oh man that was an amazing episode!!!


    Also it comes back for Halloween but we don't find out me in that episode then I think 4B starts in January wich blows!

  3. @patz1307:

    Do you think it makes sense to exhume such an old thread again?


    If you would have paid attention you would have seen that Patz1307 is a new member. When you first come on here as a new member it is not always so obvious which threads are way over and done with. S/He was most likely only responding to something they found interesting. We should be welcoming not rude.

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