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  1. Listen if you think the thread is useless then go to another thread. For instance, I'm non a Rupert/Emma shipper so I don't go on that thread. Plus, I didn't realize we had to back up everything we post with a link. As for the Letterman interview, I was sure everyone knew how to find it so no need to take up extra bandwidth by posting it. And I didn't say her accent was horrible just said it needed work - merely and observation.


    You tend to jump to conclusions an awful lot. Are you intentionally being obtuse or is it purely accidental?


    Again, if you don't like my posts, then stay away from them. There's plenty of others on this board for you to read with out picking mine out just so you can lambaste them. It seems a lot of people on here enjoy my threads so maybe it's just you.


    Honestly, I don't want to debate about this topic anymore. You already lost your marriage (http://forum.emma-watson.net/index.php?/topic/434-ive-been-holding-it-in/page__p__13453__fromsearch__1#entry13453) You can't afford to lose anything else.

  2. Maybe I should be more clear. I wanted opinions on who people thought Emma was talking about. If you don't like this thread then feel free to visit some of the other threads on this board.


    And BTW, thanks for threadjacking this discussion for me.


    Now, back on topic...


    You wanted opinions on who people thought Emma was talking about. When you provide no link of when she said that. It's not like I don't like your thread, I feel like most of your thread is useless. You posted Emma on Letterman with no video just talking about how horrible her American Accent was. About Thanks giving what Emma does. We could go on years talking about what Emma Watson eats. I don't want to see the Emma Watson forum to be overfilled with spam.

  3. That's the thing. When she asked for a plaster I'm sure they didn't know what she wanted. But I'm also sure they knew what she needed. Knowing what someone wants and what they need are two different things.

    Sorry buzzkillington. It was a joke let it go.

  4. I never condoned searching online about her past relationships. But I think lavieenrose's question was just wondering who he is not wanting any in depth down and dirty info. Kinda like if you're discussing politics and someone says "Who's this Nancy Pelosi chick?"


    And yes, it does bring up her personal life but so do most the topics on here. Hey, it's not like I'm knocking on her door and asking her if she's happy with her long distance service. There's thousands of conversations that go on about Emma on the Web everyday that she doesn't even know about or care to know about.


    I wasn't asking anybody to do any research and find dirt on Emma or her supposed beaus. I was just wanting people's opinions and for them to back up their opinions on why they thought that this person or that person was the one that Emma was talking about. It really was just an innocent question. I don't want to know any "dirt" on Emma and would ask that everyone just answer the question in the op that was asked and keep the conversation above board.


    You wanted our opinion and we gave you opinion. Stop trying to bring other topics in here. Could you find me some involving her personal life?

  5. Chesong,


    I agree. I do have to say, this topic has peaked my interest. However, if I were in Emma's position, would I like to have people speculate how many boyfriends I've had or truly loved? I wouldn't. It's intrusive.

    Lavieenrose, Jay Barrymore is, as I understand, a British financier. But that's about all I know.



    I think it's best if we just left her alone instead of trying to search through online about Jay Barrymore and her past love relationship. If Emma wanted us to know she would of told us. Emma already said there is nothing between her and George but people keep insisting that they are boyfriend/girlfriend just because they are seen together at Glastonbury and Emma's been in One Night Only's music video. Why can't Emma have "Guy"Friends? Every time Emma is spotted with a boy, paparazzi's go over and tabloids start making rumours.I'm just happy Emma Watson doesn't have a boyfriend right now cause no one would be able to meet her expectations? That's all I have to say.

  6. If you have got the oppertunity to go then I say go for it whether Emma will be there or not.


    A little different, but I have attended the Classical Brit Awards for the past three years and it's always a good night out from the red carpet beforehand right through until the end. It's always interesting to see close hand what goes on and how things work for these award shows, especially if it is filmed for television.


    It is hard to say whether Emma will be there or not, she has been nominated so will probably receive an invite, and it will be easier for her now she is living in the states. I don't believe the winners know until the night itself unless they are not going to be there, so they can record a video instead.


    But you should go for it, you will probably have a top night out, and if Emma does turn up and you get to see her, then it's a bonus.


    Alright! Thanks for everyone's advices. I enjoyed reading every single one of them :)

  7. Understood. It's just aggravating when someone jumps all over me for something that I have not done. If they'd just read my op they'd realize I wasn't attempting to intrude in her personal life or trying to get her personal information. I was just bringing an interesting topic up for conversation.


    The interesting topic does bring up her personal life and personal information am I correct? Even if you meant it with good intentions it still intrudes her personal life.

  8. I honestly think it was Jay Barrymore also. There are tons of pictures of them kissing and being spotted together. With all the rumours about George Craig and Rafael is all false allegations. The reason why I think Emma Watson broke up with Jay Barrymore is because of Emma Watson's dreams and hopes. They both had different dreams which led Emma Watson at Brown University. She wanted to get an education and being a thousand miles away from Jay Barrymore, the gap was too much so Emma Watson wanted to end the relationship for Jay Barrymore's sake and Emma Watson. Jay Barrymore would have to constantly fly in to Brown to see her and Emma Watson would hardly see Jay. I think overall Emma Watson made the best decision not only for her but also for Jay Barrymore.

  9. I'm new to this thread and just out of curiosity what are House forums? I'm new to this whole Emma Watson forum.

    Thanks in Advance!!! Have a nice day

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