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  1. as in re-do it in 3d/ i may sound like and awful zelda fan but the 2d games i could never get into very well! I think its coz i grew up with the 3d games. I dont think its worth buying the WHOLE 3ds for...but it was just so pretty to see the new graphics <3 and this game never gets old to me

  2. Thanks, Laura. I don't have much time at the moment anyway and in four weeks time registration is open for everyone anyway, so .... LOL


    As long as I don't end up in Slytherin, I think I'll be fine. I can imagine I'll be put in Ravenclaw. What do you have to do to be sorted? Is it completely random or do you have to answer questions or do a test, i.e. wrestling a Troll ;)




    Is that .... is that a real pic or is it a damn well done manip??? :lostit::drool:


    welll this is what you do - there are a load of questions, like totally random ones some of them O_o and some that you can kinda tell which one links to each house you answer about seven of them, but if it still cant decide you answer more, and then it either sorts you into a house or if it still cant decide (it will have narrowed it down to 2 houses) it willl ask you which one you most want to be in

  3. i was really quite shocked to get Gryffindor, there was no house in particular that i wanted and i answered all questions truthfully and I ended up in Gryffindor, infact that kind of makes me prouder to have gotten gryffindor coz i know that loads of people will havecheated the test to get gryffindor because its the house they most like/they want to follow in harrys footsteps


    Jon, im FelicisProphecy91

  4. Hey guys is been such a long time I know, but I thought i'd let yas know i am officially a GRYFFINDOR according to pottermore, so proud to be in the same house as R/Hr!!!!! anywho Sabine, your account still isnt validated yet, probably because it was a day 7 registration :( but it should come soon!


    Jon so sad to hear your mum and brothers houses got flooded :( best wishes to them.

  5. Uh...guys this has just moved up to Liverpool.....a little too close for comfort,


    cars being set on fire all over smithdown road, lodge lane, lawrence road, grove street (litterally at my uni)


    300 in the mob and are now heading down to the city center....apparently they just arrived at liverpool one. this is horrbile!



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