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  1. live, laugh, love, forgive and forget, life is to short to live with regrets, so love the people who treat you right, and forget the ones who don't! <3

  2. It is not how many times you have been brought to your knees, but how you brush the dirt off your knees that makes you successful.

  3. hello girl your awesome to post with in fashion forums (:

  4. ohh no thats werid :(!! hmmm

    try to restart your computer :)

  5. Use your smile to change the world, don't let the world change your smile!

  6. Life is like a snowflake...Nothing can ever be duplicated exactly the same twice and nothing lasts forever. Cherish what you have while you have it.

  7. I am doing okay how are you doing??

  8. awwah thanks I loved it <3

  9. i love ur bear huggs i love u alots too u go grammy lol

  10. awwh well that made mefeel better u know i love u too ur more amazig then me (: lol

  11. yeah i know i am trying I just feel unwanted eveywhere i go I am not trying to get attetion or being a Slef Abroded or a copy cat or anything i just let my anixtey get the best of me last night i almost had an anxiety attack :/ I hate this feeling

  12. no one did anything to me I just so emotional exthused but I am trying to stay positive but I just feel so lost and broken :/

  13. honsetly noura I Am trying so hard to be happy but lately I got no idea but I feel so broken :/

  14. awwh well ia m so glad I can make your day lovely (: well I hope you do really good with College and all your school work My great Grandma IS not aloud to fail LOL!

  15. I miss seeing you around I miss you and love ya girl <3 just stopping by sending you some love <3

  16. january 5th girl (: lol i know sammi is pretty but it looks like snooki lost tons and tons of more weight i love fvinny and pauly some guys at my job training were saying fistpump pushup chapstick lmao (:

  17. Glad to see you back around again i been worried about you I hope you are doing okay (:!! <3

  18. OMG OMG I had to tell you i saw a sneek peek of JS season 5 Vinny is Leaving :o :O!!! he left OMG OMG! ;O

  19. ohh well i am glad tooo (:

  20. yess we aretogetter.. we are doing amazing fabulous

  21. Mute the mean girls, Edit the guys, Fast forward the drama, Rewind the good times, and Pause the love

  22. Loves the feeling when music transports you right back to the time it meant the most to you and for a short moment in time its real again...

  23. when you really love someone you cant just be there friend, its the hardest thing in the world.

  24. maybe i blushed just a bit there :P ! lol

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