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In Topic: I Got Tickets To London Dh Premiere!

27 December 2010 - 11:31 AM

I got tickets via my dad who does some sort of banking for WBs or something. I have more photos, but not of Emma and videos too if you want to see them.
The whole story: we were picked up by a car and driven to the premiere. We were then led down the alternative red carpet (for non-celebs haha). On here we met a girl called Jade who dates on of the actors but I cant remember who. We also met Emma’s gran and her little sister.
We were taken into the cinema and debriefed on confidentiality etc etc. We were taken into the screen where the trio and some of the crew came and talked about the filming of the movie. We were shown some outtakes which were hilarious and then shown a slideshow of picture memories from the filming. We then watched the movie.

We were then taken to the after party. THE FOOD WAS AMAZING! At the table of food, i met the guy who plays Neville and his friend. They made a joke about settling down by the table for the night and we got talking about what we thought the food was because it was all posh and weird haha. Then the guy who plays Draco (sorry, I’m rubbish with names) came over and pretend squeezed Neville’s bum haha. He joined in with the convo about the food saying he is too fussy and doesn’t trust anything other than the sausage rolls. Then EMMA COMES OVER and says hi to Neville (but not draco? He walked away) and Neville and friend go off to talk to someone. Emma says ‘hi im Emma’ I WAS LIKE I KNOW I KNOW!!!!!!! Haha and then I said congrats and the movie etc. I asked her what shes been up to and she talked about her time at uni in America which she loves. She talked about how she shares a tiny room and how her best friend over there refuses to come to the harry potter premieres because she doesn’t know anything about it. She also talked about how in the first few weeks she couldn’t even walk down a corridor without someone filming her on their phone and how he laundry she had left at the uni laundrette was tampered with. She said she spent hours on the phone to her mum after that!

She then says ‘btw, your dress is gorgeous!’ i say thanks but i had to diet for weeks just to fit into it and she agreed and told me she cant go to the gym and has to use alternatives like sports and aerobics.
She then asks me if i want to sit down for a minute because he feet are sore from her heels and so we sat down and had a couple of drinks. She asked if the boy i was with was my boyfriend? I said no, my cousin haha . I asked her if she had a boyfriend (I DONT KNOW WHAT CAME OVER ME!!) but she laughed and said ‘boys are ridiculously hard to cope with’. Someone came and told her to do her rounds because her car will be there soon so she apologised and said if i needed any help with moving to America (i explained my family are moving there for my dads job) to get in contact, she said i could write my mobile number on a napkin but i didn’t know my number! She said she didn’t know hers either because it changes all the time but she said we’ll meet again sometime!
I then got to meet the xfactor contestants but they were nothing on Emma!