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  1. Sherlock Vanilla Yogurt + Granola Instagram Disney My Little Pony
  2. When I was 13, I had a huuuuuge crush on Skandar Keynes. Looking back it was really silly xD
  3. True. Likes singing in the shower.
  4. Mesmo a Bela e a Fera ("Beauty and the Beast" in Brazilian Portuguese)
  5. Mine isn't a song..xD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asEN8iT9diw
  6. Pretty pretty pretty pretty! And I think your clothing choices for that day were fine lol
  7. I love Taylor, but I think she should stick to one genre...I know she's said she doesn't want all her music sounding the same though. I actually like Red. It took a while for some of the songs to grow on me, but I've found myself listening to it a lot more than I had expected. So far she hasn't beaten Taylor Swift or Fearless. Those were her best albums
  8. Nah, I'm honest You're really, really pretty!
  9. Soooo, I've neglected this, BUT, I started a photography blog a few months ago. These are some of the latest pictures from it: the link is in my sig
  10. Thank you lol thanks Missed you too, Jade (seriously!). Thank you so much
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