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  1. 1. How old are you? 19.

    2. Are you male or female? Male.

    3. Which country do you live in? Portugal.

    4. Do you consider Emma Watson to be a star? She's known for being on Harry Potter but yeah, she's a Star.

    5. Why? Most of her fans have seen her for being on Harry Potter, not other movies.

    6. Do you view yourself as a fan of Emma Watson? Yes.

    7. Do you use any fansites? Yes.

    8. If yes which ones? This one (The Emma-Watson.net Forum).

    9. Have you ever done anything out of the ordinary for her? Yes.

    10. Which films have you seen that she has starred in? Harry Potter.

    11. Do you feel she can replicate her success as a child star into more adult roles? I wish she could but let's see.

    12. Why? I believe Ron will have success in the future. Emma, I don't know, something feels strange about it ...

    13. Are you aware of any fashion brands she has become the face of? Yes, I saw a commercial the other day and she was on it.

    14. If yes, which ones? Can't remember the name.

    15. Do you consider her to be a fashion icon? Yes.

    16. Why? She just is, you just need to look to her to see a big fashion icon right on your face :P

    17. Do you have any specific views of her? She seems very kindly and an awesome person to know.

    18. Any other comments? No.

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