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    My main interests are :
    - Basketball;
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    - Emma Watson ;3
  1. I really enjoyed the movie and I think Emma did great on it.
  2. Looks awesome. I've only got the chance to go to Madame Toussauds in Hollywood and unfortunately she isn't there
  3. Your thoughts in it ? In my opinion it's one of the best movies I've watched in the last months.
  4. Best FinalFantasy is FinalFantasyVII. It's a very good game!
  5. Hello blackwolfdave. Welcome and enjoy your stay around!
  6. Hello sarrie. Welcome and enjoy your stay around!
  7. I would love to hear her sing. How would that be !?
  8. Currently programming, trying to finish a work for University
  9. Really nice showcase! Keep doing a good job, you've done well so far!
  10. Those pictures are really outstanding.
  11. I find the name Emma adorable but I wouldn't call my daughter Emma
  12. Oh, no. I never had a song I'd thought about Emma while listening to it
  13. Hello Samer. Welcome and enjoy your stay
  14. Welcome Sarah! Enjoy your stay
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