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  1. Alan Rickman passed away today at age 69 from cancer. http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/alan-rickman-dead-harry-potter-die-hard-actor-dies-at-69-w161635
  2. Is the live broadcast not working for anybody else? I tried to view it on Emma's facebook page but it doesn't work for me.
  3. Emma's speech was amazing. . It takes a lot of courage and bravery to speak on a platform as big as the UN, but she was awesome as always They knew what Emma was saying, as she made it perfectly clear. They just simply do not care because they are just complete, utter scumbags who are bitter because equality and change, in their minds, will take away the power they want to have over others, and these movements are exposing inequality and bigotry as the evil that it is to the world, making it harder for them to try and justify themselves under "conservative traditions and values". These so-c
  4. LOL what the hell happened to the picture I posted here? Anyway this is my favorite pic of the day:
  5. Emma is in Uruguay and is scheduled to appear at Uruguay parliament today.
  6. http://time.com/2964421/emma-watson-united-nations-goodwill-ambassador/ The link Emma posted doesn't work for me for some reason, so I had to post this article.
  7. I'm surprised by how much attention the cop got by the press. Not sure why the press went crazy over it. But Emma looked absolutely beautiful(what else is new?). It's always great seeing her happy and she should be proud of herself. She's worked hard for this.
  8. It's still linked on Emma's twitter though. I wish we would hear from Jo about whether or not it's officially discontinued, as I remember her mentioning that Emma was debating whether or not to continue it since she had facebook and twitter pages, but she hasn't been here in a long time. While Emma does have other pages now, it would be sad to see her official site go.
  9. Well the big day has finally arrived!!!! After five years of having to juggle her education with her career, she's officially graduating today!!! Congratulations Emma!!!!
  10. http://flavorwire.com/453757/is-the-fan-site-dead-2 Personally I prefer fansites, since while social media is faster with the news, sites like this allow more discussions among the fanbase as opposed to the limitations of more mainstream social media. A fansite is a place for fans run by fans, meaning that they are just better environments for them to gather than a social media.
  11. Tigers are my favorite.
  12. I got that as well. Not sure what's going on. Emma's site has been inactice for a while now(her twitter and facebook are her active pages). We'll have to wait and see what happens.
  13. So once again you aid in spreading rumors about Emma just because she doesn't go public with every detail of her personal life because you are nothing but a egomaniacal control freak. No tabloids? No rumors? You do know that tabloids and paparazzi always try to defend their horrible actions by saying "Once you invite us into your personal life, you can never make us leave". It's one of the reasons why Emma keeps her personal life private in the first place. Yet now they tried to defend their actions by saying "Well she should have publically announced it". So basically that sends the messag
  14. Great to hear that winter begins in September and there isn't even such thing as fall/autumn in whatever world you live in. And the beginning of September IS, in fact, part of summer, as the first day of fall/autumn is later on that month. So the month is the tail end of summer/very beginning of fall, while winter doesn't even begin until November. And for as much as trolls like to milk off that concert sighting in November, I've yet to see a single picture of Emma and Will together from that event to back it up. All I've seen are tabloid articles claiming this, and sane intelligent people k
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