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  1. Paige: You're beautiful!


    We've started to get snow lately, so here's a couple of me.


    Actually, this is a candid. I do not have any idea what I was doing.


    Couldn't be bothered to go shopping. So me at one of my worsts. (nothing I wore matched that day. >.<) It's allowed every now and then though right?

    Pretty pretty pretty pretty! And I think your clothing choices for that day were fine lol

  2. I love Taylor, but I think she should stick to one genre...I know she's said she doesn't want all her music sounding the same though. I actually like Red. It took a while for some of the songs to grow on me, but I've found myself listening to it a lot more than I had expected.


    So far she hasn't beaten Taylor Swift or Fearless. Those were her best albums :)

  3. :blush: You're too kind Sammy, I'm really just your average Joe (lol pun)

    Nah, I'm honest :)


    You're so pretty! I love your sense of style.


    My boyfriend and I. I don't really like getting my photo taken so the photos I have are scarce and mostly contain other people.


    I blame this one on alcohol.

    You're really, really pretty!

  4. Alright, so I only started watching this show in November and I'm almost caught up with Season 3. Aaaaand I'm hooked.


    I know it may seem like it's just a show for "little girls", but it's not. It's meant to be enjoyed by all ages, regardless of gender.


    Does anyone watch it? :D


    btw, I didn't find a thread for this, so if there is one, mods, feel free to close it.

  5. I haven't taken much photos in aaaaaaaaaages!

    Mainly because I lost my charger and had no battery to be able to take them!

    But I've got an new one and I'm back in action.


    Anyway, I've got a few that I think are alright so I'll put em up.

    All of them have been edited in some way, not anything big though. Just sorta little color temp and contrast changes, I wanted to keep them still looking as normal as possible.










    So yeah, feel free to let me know what you think, give advice or anything like that....




    Well, you have a really good eye for lighting situations. The composition of these are all nicely done. The only thing I would suggest is if you would have made the water droplets on the petals of that flower crisper (unless you intended it to be that way). I also know the type of lens you use could make that difficult, but..yeah. Just my opinion :)

  6. Mah EW family, I present to you an up to date picture of me.

    Enjoy...... Or throw up, whatev's

    Looking good, my good looking hubby, looking good (...I suppose I got the point across).


    HAY GUIZE I'm back. And this picture is like, 1.5 years old. Sorry. But hello.



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