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  1. I can't say I'm a fan of her, as I've only listened to a couple of her songs. The only one I'm familiar with is obviously, Someone Like You and she has a GORGEOUS voice! I can also relate to that song a lot right now.

  2. I know, no body wants to be my goat

    We'll find one for you, don't worry D:




    This image is good enough for sig? :P


    Are you gonna use that in your sig, or am I? I'll add you :P

  3. My turn.


    From my (Baptist/Evangelical) Christian point of view.

    Hell is a place without God. God created everything, God is the one who created happiness, gladness, joy and all other emotion. God is good, perfect, justice, peace, control, restraint and everything else good. So a place without God is just the worst thing possible, eternity without God is something I cant begin to imagine. I dont know what it will look like through someones eyes, but the feeling would just be horrendous.

    Heaven is the opposite of Hell, eternity with God. The greatest thing ever, the bible says that we will spend eternity worshiping God, and I cant think of anything that would be better, the FULL power of God, in Church and this world we can only experience such a minimal amount of Gods goodness and its the best feeling in the world, so what Heaven will be is going to be unexplainable and AWESOME!!


    @ Karen: What you said about us creating our own Heaven, I kind of think that. But I see it more as we worship God, but in a way in which we get the most pleasure out of. For example, some people might sing songs, some might pray etc. And Hell is Godless, so it will be pain in the worst possible way for that person. I dont however, It sounds narrow minded but, think that an Atheist will just go into the ground and not pass on. There is a Heaven and a Hell and no in betweens.

    I agree with everything you've said here, Joe.


    From a Christian point of view, when people ask why God sends those who do not accept him to Hell, it makes sense. You've rejected God, and since I believe that Heaven is an eternal life with Him, why would you want to go to Heaven when you've already denied Him on earth? Like what Joe said, I think Heaven is a place where God is present everywhere.

  4. Your photos are truly amazing. Seriously, I love the compositions and how you seem to be able to capture the very right moments. Definitely keep going with this, you are indeed very talented :).

    Thank you so much! :3m_sie:


    Here are some more that I took yesterday. I was bored at my cousin's grad party and the venue they were at had some really nice stuff outside. Plus, the light was beautiful.







    P.S: All of these were taken with a 100mm macro lens.

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