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  1. Thank you. :)



    Thank you. :)





    I have a lot going on right now, here and outside of here. It's all built up and I just spilled emotions into graphics. They look boring though.




    Love these!

  2. I agree and disagree much like everyone else. I know many people who are stunning and everyone loves them ect.... but they are also the SWEETEST people in the world. I also know beautiful who are extremely stuck up and selfish.


    I have to things to add to this discussion:


    1. To me EVERYONE is beautiful. And, I am not just talking about looks. I always find something in every person that I find really stunning. I think we should focus more on the beauty that everyone has. Yes, it is more important to focus on someones inside. But, instead of thinking if a person is ugly or pretty. Why not say,"Hmmm what is beautiful about this person?" That's how I am. I think everyone is beautiful on the inside and outside. We just have to think for ourselves instead of how general society thinks.


    2. I know a few girls, all different ages, who have been bullied because they are beautiful. So what about them??? We are going to generalize and say every person who is beautiful is selfish? Well, what about the girls I know who have been bullied for being pretty? One girl has just turned 12 and all the girls in her class hate her. None of them will talk to her or be friends with her. One of my closest friends, she was talked about for YEARS. Everyone spread rumors about her. And now? She has terrible depression and anxiety. She can't make new friends because she always thinks people are going to hurt her. What about those people?

    Arie, I couldn't agree with you more.


    One of my friends was bullied because she was beautiful. The girl who was putting her down wanted to hook up or something with this guy who liked my friend, so out of jealousy she would spread stupid rumors and stuff. It came to the point where she would make up really awful stuff about what that guy "said" about my friend.

  3. @ sammy looking like prety as always :sob: I wish i had that colored skin!! i love that skin color

    Aw, Sarah you're too sweet <3 having my color of skin is not always the easiest thing in the world haha.


    One before the cut

    Haha! My hubby is looking very attractive (and cool)! xD



    Don't asl how I cut my lip. Also that was taken on Monday so 4 days ago. Crappy webcam ftw?

    How did you cut your lip? I kid, I kid :P Looking good.

  4. sammy ur 5 3


    hunny your not short your funsized :D

    Haha, that is one way to look at it positively :D


    You're a girl. People look at you and think "omg, that's so cute!" They look at me and think "wow... what an elf.." XD!

    I've been tripped over because of my height xD

  5. I'm told I'm short and dwarf like at my lovely 5'5" height. I'm hoping that with exercise and another 6 months of testosterone treatment I should grow an inch or two. *sigh* At least I hope so. I have a feeling I'm going to look like an elf when I lose the weight.

    I'm 5'3", if that makes you feel better :3


    i'm around 5'7 to 5'8

    Lucky you D:

  6. Sammy: So purty! I love your hair. <3

    Thanks, love <3





    Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. :drool:

    Baha..ty :3


    Oh heavenly blessed beauty, whose inner beauty is simply diving and everlasting, I would love to be your knight in shining armor. If you want to talk to a good friend, honest, sweet and tender, you can do with me at any moment, I am a good person, kind, loyal and sincere. My friendship that I offer you is clean and transparent. I congratulate to you, because you are very beautiful, your beauty, your charming figure, your pleasant and angelical smile, your personality, your happiness, your charm, your kindness, your beautiful eyes, your lips soft and exquisite, delicate your hands, your legs precious Your beautiful, spectacular and divine body, you have all these qualities and more, you are a wonderful and perfect woman, your gaze is tender and sweet, penetrating my soul. The beauty of a rose has no comparison with the sweetness of your face and the beauty of your heart. I am of the people, I like to have a good relationship with all my friends.

    Thank you (:


    Me wifey is looking as great as ever



    thank you! and you're stunning!

    You are most welcome, and thank you!




    Some random ones of me xD:


    My favorite tee! <3




    Sooooo purdy! Your hair is awesome sauce haha.

  7. Agreeing with Joe and Tom, they are REALLY expensive. But I've talked to a few Mac users and they say you get what you pay for. And like Arie said, they cause no problems.


    I've played around with a few Macs in my life, and they do have pretty cool apps which I don't think you can get on Windows. I've heard they're also better for digital photography. I've had my eyes on a MacBook Pro, but I can't afford one right now -.-


    The only annoying thing I find about Macs is that they're hard to use. You kind of have to re-learn everything xD

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