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  1. thats in Israel but in the bible sarahs name was Frist Sarai!! then When she had her baby it got changed to sarah i been told Sarah means Grace!!


    btw Sammie it is princess i just looked it up but i am confused because My pastor tells me it means grace!! :mellow:

    i know in Israel it means Princess but in the bible i think it means grace :mellow: i am confused LOL


    i would like prciness better anyyways

    Samantha is actually my middle name. I think it means listener xD My first name is Tiya. I just looked it up and apparently it means "A Bird". :mellow:

  2. Never smoked. Never taken an interest to it. I think I can safely say I will just never smoke. I can't stand it when people smoke either -.-

  3. Really was having a bad night, could hardly take a photo that I liked!

    So this will do



    1/50sec shutter

    ISO 200

    Focal length 107mm

    Actually used the flash this time!

    I actually hate using flash but this is really cute :3 also, if you put a tissue or napkin in front of the flash while it's firing, the shadows should come out a little softer..

  4. :mellow: omg! These photos look awesome >< no wordz to explain how they are super you really talented :) keep going in this all ur photos look awesome!



    omg i love every single photo<3 you're so talented, keep up the great job!! (:


    Thank you! Don't worry, I won't be burning out on this hobby any time soon! xD


    SO, it snowed today! Me, my friend, his girlfriend and his dogs went to the park this afternoon and I took the time to get some photos of them. I put them into a sequence thingy...truth be told, because they were very grainy in HQ. :/


  5. Man, photographing dogs is hard!

    The people that took some of our puppies from our last litter dropped around for a visit and let the dogs have a play with their parents, couldn't resist the chance to take a few snaps!



    She saw our parrot and wanted to eat it....


    Mum was giving her food so she was on her best behavior


    Then there is our retard dog with her stupid grin


    The cat was not amused to say the least

    I love the depth of field in these pictures of your puppy! :D And your cat reminds me of a marshmallow with Heterochromia xD

    Anyway, these are pretty good for some of your first shots...my first picture with a dslr was a rose haha.

  6. :P



    Thank you, you're gorgeous too!

    Thank you :3 and you're welcome.


    Looking fantastic!





    Old one of me from May. Don't think I've posted it.

    Jade will appreciate the shirt I'm wearing.

    I think you might have posted this haha.


    JOE! I used to have that shirt in black! I wore it so much it faded and went a dirty black/grey! Damn washing machine! You look awesome. xD


    Christmas Night.


    EDIT: OH MY! Excuse the size. D:



    Mine had a few stains in it and I put some stain remover on it but it ruined the light blue color. So I got another one :D


    Also, you look great! I think the side fringe suits you a bit more but you still look rad!




    Thanks! I think my chin looks a bit messed up though D:




    One from my graduation.

    Looking goooooood :P

  7. You're amazing ! well done ! I'll ask you to make my avatar and signature ! (can I ask you ? )

    Thank you! And sure I can make a set for you :) just PM me what you want done (make sure the pictures are HQ if you want any)


    Just threw this together a few minutes ago:


  8. I just made these without using textures and in my opinion they turned out better. O.o




    Your graphics just keep getting better and better, don't stop making them!!! But just one problem - you spelled 'swallowing' wrong xD sorry haha. Otherwise, they're great!

  9. ^DUDE! You look so cool! I spotted you in it right away!


    Excuse the size of these. D:


    This is my facebook photo. For the pure fact I happened to get my tattoo in it. xD


    EDIT: Never mind they got resized. xD

    Gorgeous, as usual :P


    Pictures of ME Hope yall like them :)




    lol, you're so cute! xD


    me and my best friend Tre:




    here we are again, this was during my little "21st birthday get together". i was pretty tipsy in this one...although i don't think i look it.



    me and my little cousin travis:


    Nice pictures!


    This is kinda old, but I don't have anything new so whatevs haha.



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