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  1. Well after taking English 101 this year I have learned that certain Americans need extensive amounts of english. Half my class could not even talk let alone write. It was insane. Like, the teacher had to go over subject verb agreement. Seriously??? We learn that in like 3rd grade!!! Grrrrr I could go on for hours lol.

    I think that's because English 101 is an intro class, usually.

  2. I think it's just basic laziness. People don't want to dedicate time to school work, they just want to magically get good grades. They rather go out and party. So many people have been offering me money to write essays for them and do their work. They rather go out and get pissed then actually do something that will benefite them in life.

    I'm guilty of cheating on tests, but I'm not at all like this :/


    Sometimes you just forget material or didn't study enough on some points. We're not all stupid with no morals.

  3. I'm sorry but it shouldn't just be four years, it should be beyond that. Illiteracy still exists in the US (a very small percentage) but it still exists. Furthermore there are kids out there who are in high school and can't even read at that grade level. Reading is almost fundamental this day in age, and "I dun meanz thuz txt you'z see'z or dem tweeets," I mean actual English. Not to mention you need to understand English to develop your skills at writing. Grammatical and spelling errors are rife, best to nail it down while you're young.


    All these reasons however are besides the point. The main reason is that reading and writing are bare necessities in society. They give people the ability to analyze, which is beyond crucial in everyday life. You may not realize it while you're doing it, but reading a passage from lets say Shakespeare, breaking it down, seeing why Hamlet doesn't kill Claudius when he has the first chance for instance, helps you in real life. When your fridge stops working you have to analyze the situation. Is it making a rattling noise? Is there a bunch of water on the floor? ect. By repeating that skill over and over, you start to master it.


    Furthermore reading and being forced to explore these worlds expands your mind. It makes you see things and experience people you wouldn't normally experience. It opens your mind up to new ideas and new concepts.


    I think the thing that irks most people is not the reading but the writing aspect. That is somewhat subjective in relation to your teacher (more so during High school). However writing isn't any less crucial. It again forces you to analyze a situation, think about a concept, dive deeper than you had to before. Does it suck sometimes? Sure, but you gain so much more out of it. It makes you think, which is beyond crucial, it's essential. To be able to properly articulate what you mean, to have others understand you is utterly astounding. Humans rely so much on communication and the precision of our communication.


    Overall as an English major I can honestly say what you learned in High school is a cake walk in comparison to what you learn in college. At least you never had to translate Chaucer and interpret it, line by line, word by word.


    I should say that four years is barely enough to grasp the core concepts. Also while we're on the subject I should say that I believe math and science should be required four years as well. They are equally essential components in learning and it's a shame they aren't given the same urgency. English however is absolutely paramount in order to express, analyze, interpret, and communicate information.


    This. I'm an English major, so I love English anyway! :P

  4. Haha, she is really good in front of the camera! But I guess being an actress makes that much easier for her. As far as the premiere pictures go, there's hundreds of different cameras going off at the same time. So something could look like a pose when it wasn't meant to be one :P

  5. :) not a recent one, but I don't really look much different, lol.


    and this is me at a retreat through christian fellowship at my school. it's from mm...end of october. :)

    Aww, you're so pretty!

    :o My school has a christian fellowship and they went on a retreat at the end of October too!

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