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  1. Isn't this kind of advertising that brown eyes aren't as beautiful as blue eyes? :/ That's really sad.


    I think all eye colors are pretty, and people look so much better with their natural color (colored contact lenses = boo!!)


    I have brown eyes, and yes, I'll admit that sometimes I didn't feel as if they were that great. But I wouldn't ever change them! Besides, I'd look so bad with blue eyes.

  2. Got some from the shoot I was on last week. Should be some better ones getting uploaded soon.


    I was the grip so I had to make the tracks for the dolly perfectly level, so fun!


    Then we went to the beach and climbed a big thing. Cower in fear at my armpit hairs!


    And my arms just look stupidly big in this one...

    Looking good as always! And you're a guy, silly - hair isn't a problem at all. xD


    Yay, messy writing behind me :P

  3. i cant really swim, kinda paranoid of the water, even in swimming pools. SHARKS!!!! lol

    That's how I feel!! I'll be in a pool and feel like there's a shark behind me. I'm terrified of swimming at night, too. Imagination goes into overdrive XD

  4. I did not do anything to them, any effects what.so.ever. I only resized them, well, that's a no brainer, I couldn't leave them at 299x...But they don't show up at full size on here.

    It's allright if you think they're blurry. I took them from the main site's gallery and worked on them.

    So they were tiny but you resized them to be bigger? That just makes them blurry lol


    But they do look very nice otherwise :) good job!

  5. Two of my friends actually go to PSU and one of them was just telling me a few minutes ago how people won't shut up about the "football side" of it. It isn't about football, it's about what he did to children..


    Even though I don't think too much about college football (or any football really haha), I find this very shocking and...sad.

  6. If someone asks, "Are you okay?" you respond with:

    Ice, LIGHTS

    What would best describe your personality?

    Vencer Distâncias, Marcus Menna

    What do you like best about the opposite gender?

    Imagem, Kacau Gomes

    How do you feel today?

    My Boots (Remix), LIGHTS


    What is your life's purpose?

    Fall Back Down, LIGHTS


    What is your motto?

    Things I'll Never Say, Avril Lavigne

    What do your friends like about you?

    Immortals Battle, Tyler Bates


    What do you think of your parents?

    Mean, Taylor Swift


    What do you think about often?

    Break Your Little Heart, All Time Low


    What do you want to be when you grow up?

    Come In With The Rain, Taylor Swift


    What do you think of your best friend?

    Dreamer, Bethany Dillon

    What do you see when you see your crush/the person you like?

    Stay With Me, Clint Mansell


    What do your parents think about you?

    Can't Take It In, Imogen Heap


    What song will you dance to at your wedding?

    Crocodile Rock, Nelly Furtado & Elton John

    What will they play at your funeral?

    Over My Head (Cable Car), The Fray


    What is your hobby/interest?

    Come And Get Them, Tyler Bates


    What is your biggest fear?

    Jess & Johnny, LIGHTS

    What is your biggest secret?

    Push, Avril Lavigne

  7. I'm not understanding you? People do credit? When you reblog the person who posted it is in a click through link?

    I meant about 99% of the people on tumblr post photos and they don't even know who the photographer of that picture was. That's what really bugs me.

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