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  1. I deleted mine.


    I just think all the reblogging pictures and stuff without crediting the creator is very unfair. I only posted pictures I took on tumblr and didn't want that to happen to me.

  2. A bit bright lol I started jogging again, yay


    SO PURTYY. And good job on jogging :D I wish I could motivated myself to do that haha.


    you're gorgeous! i love your hair in this pic!!!


    me...and look hardly any eyeliner. you all will be proud :mellow:


    :o That's still looks like quite a bit of eyeliner (considering I don't really wear any), but you still look pretty! :D Actually prettier with less makeup. :P

  3. Um...Justin Bieber. I don't hate him, but I don't like him either. He has a few good songs. And I don't care what people say, I still think he's very talented.

    Jennette McCurdy and Miranda Cosgrove.

  4. gorgeous! as usual...haha


    i got to wear my halloween costume to work yesterday:

    Haha ty :) and you look so cute in that costume!


    Offt looking lovely as always!

    Thanks love :3


    @ Sammy: :lol: if you really want to, then yeah, sure. Lookin' good, btw.

    :3m_sie: there you go! And thanks!


    and Sammy love the snow :P

    are you staying in PA?

    Yes ma'am.


    Sarah, Lindy, Jade, Sammy, Ashley... you all look amazing! Getting caught up on this threaad. lol Ashley: your latest picture reminds me of the 1980s. LoL... I'm probably one of the few here who can remember or were even alive in the 80's. Sarah: I love your eyes and smile! Lindy: You've got a great smile too! =D Jade: Beautiful as always Sammy: Love the snow picture... makes me long for winter. lol


    Itzz Mee,Joe, Chris and Jeremey awesome pics too! I like the ingenuity in those pics. Itzz Mee: I wish I still had that much hair! :P Joe: Don't DROP THE CAMERA! *hands comb* lol Chris: The girls/ladies are gonna die :drool: from that picture haha Jermey: You should show what it looks like with one eye creepy/one eye normal. Have a great Halloween and a safe one... that goes for EVERYONE!


    Here's a picture of my friend and I staying warm with winter coming here in the North East U.S.A.



    sorry for the poor webcam quality.... or maybe that's a good thing. lol

    You're looking pretty cold, but still good! And that bear is adorable.



    Picture did not fail. Lookin' good. OMG SNOW!!


    Here's one of me from the other night:



    and here's last night... I can't remember much of it.

    Well, this picture failed because the wind blew hair right into my face haha. And that is a pretty sick costume :o looking good too.


    Crappy webcam pic ftw!



    Higher quality DSLR pic ftw!!

    Cute, Tom :P

  5. Sammy (mischief.mangled) does.


    HAH! whos the one remembering stuff now!

    Holy cow,I just saw this haha xD


    I did have a Blackberry, but I moved to the states and now I'm using an LG TracFone. The only thing I do is call/receive calls and text anyway :P

  6. Me with $30,000 worth of camera on my shoulder :o

    Damn I need a haircut, or at least brush it

    Joe, stop being so cute :) and your hair looks fine, sheesh haha. xD I hope you didn't drop that!


    Oh but you do look like you've got two things growing out of your head :ph34r: I think it's probably something behind you though ha.

  7. If you did more to it. Maybe actually made a graphic from it, it would look good. But taking the image itself and just adding blur to it and nothing else makes it look like your posting LQ images.


    Maybe if you make a graphic, use a tad of blending. Brighten it up. Add some text and use your blur thing you do. It will be nice afterall that's what graphics are.


    If you want to keep it simple like you have above you should maybe actually retouch it. You called it a retouch but thats not what a retouch is. BoMa a member here (also a great Mod) is brilliant at retouches. I think she could explain those more.


    I'm just thinking whether you can take credit for those though when you haven't done anything to them?

    I agree with Jade. Those are gorgeous pictures and could make really nice graphics. You don't have to do anything crazy with them though :P

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