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  1. Jade: Well, just keep in mind that not everyone will get it at first haha :P

    Ashley: Ouch! D: Thakfully I'll never get a tattoo haha. I'm glad you're happy with it though! :D



    Here's the hair. It looks longer on one side because I was tilting my head. Smart -.- I also apologize for looking a little tired.


  2. everyone looks so hot lol i am super jealous and sebastian your cute to hell :) lol love the tat

    sammy getting a few Inches cut does not hurt it looks good either way :)

    Ended up getting 6 inches off. My hair falls just past my shoulders instead of the middle of my back now :) It feels a lot better.


    You people are very narrow minded. What sinks? An Anchor. I am saying I will not sink. Like you say an anchor always sinks. Think of the power an anchor would have for not sinking. I am saying nothing or no one will bring me down. I will not sink.

    And that's kind of unfair to say :S If you look at the posts above, they finally understood what you meant.

  3. me and my best friend tre from yesterday :)


    and me..i like this one kinda but i unno haha

    Pretty as always! And I love your necklace :D


    i took this on my crappy webcam a couple weeks ago...



    and this is fat me in Portugal, 2008 (ps i used to be obsessed with the police, so i would get my pic taken with an officer when i went abroad :P )





    Be prepared for a whole string of comments like this hahaha.

  4. Well, I'm gonna do two countries, since I'm a citizen of one but I grew up in another one xD


    I'm originally from Canada, and we're pretty much known for being a peaceful country. We're also known for our rivers and mountains, just scenery in general, and to get to the more stereotypical stuff, maple syrup, beavers (lol), multiculturalism and free health care and snow haha..


    And unfortunately, harp seal slaughtering. NOT PROUD OF THAT! :(



    I grew up in Uganda, which is otherwise known as the "Pear of Africa". It's known for it's scenery and wildlife, typically the mountain gorilla. Also, the equator line is very popular.


    I think that's it.

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