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  1. Click here! ^ Here's the clip from MTV. She is so cute and looks like she's having a blast.
  2. Brad is the football player who is having a secret relationship with Sam's (Emma's) stepbrother Patrick.
  3. I looovee Marvel. I love when I see the logo with the flipping of the comic book pages, I get all excited. Loved X-Men First Class! Introduced me to the brilliance that is Michael Fassbender (:
  4. *points to avvie* Yeah, that film pretty much made me fall in love with Fassbender. AMAZING MOVIE. I can't get enough of it. Also, in the comics despite Magneto and Charles' different views, they still had some sort of on and off relationship. Erik comes back and helps him build cerebro and other jazz. I'm not a native with the comics though
  5. I think so! Considering by this photo as well: He played Patrick (her stepbrother) in Perks. From what sources say, they were reluctant to leave each other and kept kissing and hugging each other. How sweet.
  6. Just saw it and I loved it. Not too crazy about it, but it was still amazing. All the awards to Maggie, Alan and Ralph. All their scenes blew me away. I do wish they kept in the Grindlewald stuff, since they only grazed the top of such an influentinal part of the story. I suppose they could afford to skip it but if that was their original choice, then there was no point in mentioning Dumbledore's past and history if they weren't going to clarify. Whatever, fanfiction right? I loved the final battle, and there were moments where I actually felt bad for Voldemort. What really killed me though
  7. I know, which is hilarious since people have been calling her fat.
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