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  1. I'm deff getting Modern Warfare 3 when it comes out, got it preordered!
  2. Yea I've preordered Modern Warfare 3, it's gonna be awesome!
  3. 2 Pints


    lol but thanks anyway!
  4. thanks Tick Tock! I really do feel welcome here and yea not long now!! tick tock
  5. 2 Pints


    thanks! and I will
  6. lol well I've never heard of Colour Me Bad, and I used to be a big fan of The Backstreet Boys tick tock
  7. lol yea, when i was looking up R/E videos that was the first one that came up , and I love Secondhand Serenade! tick tock
  8. lol yea i know! and your welcome! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1nfwHepXNU here's another video I found, I don't know if it's already been posted on here, so sorry if it has!
  9. thanks casualobserver!! It's really nice to meet a whole bunch of nice people here on the forum! If only July could get here faster! tick tock
  10. yea my mom said when I was like 2-3 I would watch Beauty and the Beast everyday and like I would repeat all the lines and stuff. drove my mom crazy, lol
  11. whenever I'm down about something, I watch the older disney films and that always makes me feel better. I would have to say that my favorite disney film without a doubt would be The Lion King
  12. I've been hooked since the first episode! I'm so ready for the next season to start
  13. aww I really love this video!! tick tock
  14. Yea I totally agree with you there! tick tock
  15. thanks emma fan , yea I really believe that there is something going on and it's only a matter of time. tick tock
  16. Yea I deff think it will be a sad time, cause I'm honestly not ready for the movies to end, but I'm also looking forward to the last one so idk
  17. thanks Tick Tock, and nice name btw!! yea it's like you can deff tell in their BL. so can't wait to see them together at the DH2 premiere
  18. I'm new to the forums, and I've been looking at this thread for the past several days, and I've decided to join you guys! I've never shipped RL before, but after reading your comments and seeing the pictures, I'm convinced that there is something going on between Emma and Rupert.
  19. 2 Pints


    Well I'm 20 years old and a full time college student. I've been a fan of the Harry Potter series (book wise) since I was 10, and I've loved the movies since the first one came out. If you want to know anything else about me, your welcome to message me.
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