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  1. 11 29 for an image of patient positioning during rectal medication administration buy cialis without prescription

  2. I love Emma's direct response: "Kissing Dan was awkward'. 'Kissing Rupert was... (she starts smiling, rubbing her nose, fiddling nervously while Rupert turns all red and sips and sips and sips water)... blablabla... also awkward!'. So telling!
  3. They are in their own little world, aren't they? The room is full with people... however, at that precise moment, I think they forgot about the world surrounding them and it was just the two of them in their minds. That little moment feels so intimate, as if we are spying on them or something (even when it's officially filmed by the HP crew). And I can't get over Rupert's tears before Emma hugs him. He automatically moves closer and faces her as soon as he senses her movements, almost as if he was expecting a hug from her was coming! They are LOVE. Indeed.
  4. Laura, thanks for the update about the DVD launch! You wrote a very detailed summary and I commend you for putting so much effort when informing us what transpired on the day! I truly appreciate it. Jon, it really feels like THE END now. Tbh I got really sad when holding my DH copy and finally realising that it was going to be the very last one. However, I knew I'd always have the movies to look foward too, and that sounded like a very cool Plan B. But now, there's no back-up plan anymore! What an I going to do coming July 16th? Don't wanna think about it, just yet... Katharine, I hope th
  5. Thanks R&EG!!! THIS is what I wanted to see. While I've always thought that while R/E/D said the three of them hugged when they finished filming, I had the idea that it was actually R/E who hugged first. I'm glad my instincts were right!
  6. Far too long since I've been here... Hi everyone!!! Anyway, just came across your comment and had to say a big I AGREE to it!!!
  7. Ron is the glue. Exactly. I've said exactly the same for years!
  8. Well, I saw this thread somewhere else and thought it would be nice to have one here as well. This are the phrases I expect to be included in DH part 2: ‘Here lies Dobby, a free elf’ Dumbledore: After all this time? Snape: Always Ron: IF WE DIE FOR THEM, I’LL KILL YOU HARRY! Draco: That’s my wand you are holding, Potter Harry: Not any more. Winners, keepers, Malfoy Ron to Draco: And that’s the second time we’ve saved your life tonight, you two-faced bastard! Molly to Bellatrix: NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU B****! Snape to Harry: Look… at… me! Dumbledore to Snape: You al
  9. It took me a few days to post on this thread, as as soon as I heard the news I started calling and emailing my Japanese friends straightaway. Japan will always have a very special place in my heart. Many of them live near the Chiba Prefecture. I'm still waiting to hear from some, which is really worrying. I am not a very religious person, so praying for them would not seem heartfelt in my case, but needless to say that I am thinking about them and also sending my condolences to everyone out there who has suffered any losses from this devastating event. Japan is really an admirable countr
  10. Actually, no. I'm more intrigued about the action part. THE KISS is pretty much the one and only thing I am prepared to wait for, until July 15th.
  11. good on ya! You know I'll be waiting for the details, right? :3m_sie:
  12. Ron touching Hermione's cut was just HOT. But I'm glad we got to see something canon to the book like the (almost) handholding scene while they were asleep. Even without touching, that was a pleasure to see. As for the anticipated trailer, I hope we see something similar to the pic we got a few months ago, where they are entering the chamber of secrets, but nothing more. Just with that, I'll be happy. I don't want anything in regards to the kiss. I can (and will) wait until July 15th!
  13. They were very serious indeed. And I find really lovely that Emma has mentioned they are all very conscious when they film on the streets because they are aware they are stopping traffic and causing an inconvenience for many. So I guess they all try to behave and do the takes as quickly as possible so they can leave. They are so all adorable and humble! No matter if they get to play in the most important franchise ever, they are just like that. Down-to-earth. :3m_sie: On a side note in regards to their heights, I've done some investigating. LOL Dan has recently claimed in an interview wi
  14. Kim (padfoot) has opened a new thread in regards to this news, but I'll post it here in case anyome missed it. From Mugglenet Annnd here we go! Today ABC Family announced that footage from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 will be appearing during their Harry Potter Weekend starting Thursday! See the full Potter schedule for the weekend here. We will of course bring you the footage after it airs. At this time we're not sure how many clips will be revealed. More as we get it! http://www.mugglenet.com/app/news/show/4225
  15. cbmac, I don't think Rupert was standing on anything but maybe Emma was flexing her legs a bit in that pic... Having said that, I do think Emma is sometimes pulling a trick on us when she wears her extra high heels, as she certainly has a bit of height difference with Rupert. Have a look at this one, where you can see both of them standing up... and Emma is wearing sneakers. My link Rupert is even leaning a bit there, so the difference should be even more noticeable when both of them are standing tall and straight.
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