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  1. Icons from Bottom Of My Broken Heart:
  2. Thanks Icons From Born To Make You Happy:
  3. Love all of them good job
  4. Today is Lily Collins 25th Birthday so I made some icons to celebrate enjoy:
  5. Wow those are good I really love the coloring the square boxes on the wallpapers it makes them unique and stand out.
  6. Good job on the animation icons..those are really good your really talented.
  7. Happy St Patrick's Day I'm posting some artwork to celebrate St Patrick's Day...starting with Disney Icons:
  8. I posted some new icon but I redo since theses are better:
  9. Thanks girl I missed you alot...New Icons:
  10. Nice loving the animations icons
  11. Wow those are amazing love them and missed them.
  12. Jade- Thanks OMG I have missed you so much girl glad you like my work..... New Icons(sorry if they are too sharpen ill low down the sharpness I usually do 30 or 40 % sharpen but I end up during 60% just to say what it turned out to be):
  13. I hope yall can see my work because I heard about imageshack.us are having a subscription... and I have been using Imageshack Uploader so if it doesn't work can someone help give me links for image hosting thanks I would appreciate it?:
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