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  1. Oh my gosh....it is gorgeous just pure beautiful. You did a good job.
  2. Thank you very much it means a lot to me. I have some news to share with everyone. I am going to retire from artwork. I know this is like billion time for me saying it I can't do this anymore. My fiancé and I are planning to move out of my hometown because of his job it's better environment for us. We have wedding to plan but I told him this comes first before anything. I wanted to post my last work of artwork before writing my last retirement statement but I realized I lost my inspiration long time ago. I came back because I did miss y'all and my work I even got little inspire made new color
  3. wow good job on the set it looks amazing.
  4. omg... yay I miss your work so much good job on them. Especially the Emma ones.
  5. Omg I love them especially the pirates of caribbean.
  6. Thanks so much guys I made some Black White Icons for Actors/Actresses:
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