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  1. I shall just politely answer the questions given to me hereinbefore, if I may. Why is religion so different? It is a belief which affects one's life and the same could be rap – or I should rather say hip-hop, which is a form of musical expression and artistic culture including clothing style. You are so ignorant that you forget to question the dogmas. There is no relevant difference between a religion and a culture. If I have decided that my newly created religion considers Jews responsible for every disaster which has ever happened, would it be disrespectful and wrong for you to call m
  2. I am not going to try to deny my disapproval and a strong aversion to Islam, but as I was warned that the free speech is not a value round here, I have decided to keep these opinions to myself. Commenting the “fashion†of a certain group of people with common features is however irrelevant and should not be prohibited. People usually say that rappers look stupid due to wearing their trousers too low in combination with oversized tees or that hipsters look ridiculous with their hipster frames. We all are used to prefer some styles over others so I do not see a reason why should I be quiet ab
  3. I have just almost pissed my pants! So she was not just “owlingâ€, she was sending a secret message. I am scared of you, Emma Owlson!
  4. Post it here. I have seen less than 1/1000 of her pictures.
  5. Who knows, maybe she is. But I think she would not study arts if she were. How can you know?
  6. That is correct. (Or bed sheets, if do not know what blankets are.) The OP did not state any such condition: “What are some people (celebrity, political, etc.) whos fashion sense you admire and you think deserves recognition?†I can assure you that men's fashion exists. Now read the article, finish your milk and head to the bed, young lady.
  7. I do not understand what you wrote but I presume that it was intended to be insulting. You are utterly wrong about the demand for my opinions – just like yourself, I share them without specifically being asked to because I am on an internet forum which is intended for sharing opinions. I am not trying to enrage the members of this internet forum, I just present my sincere opinions which are unfortunately disliked by the majority and to which they object. Regarding this thread, my opinion is that I do not see a difference between and and that is the fact. However, I have the dee
  8. Do you really mean it? She has basically got blankets over herself. However I have to agree that it is much better than the usual islamic “fashionâ€.
  9. Given the fact that you are the one using an internet forum to ask what to do after you mobile phone has been stolen, I have to disagree.
  10. That would be because he is a ginger. Apropos: Before anyone starts raging, I actually think gingers can be nice people and do have souls.
  11. Well that is rather unfortunate. I am! Cheer up, you are overreacting.
  12. A bit posh, are we? For some people, even a mobile phone is a great loss in terms of finances.
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