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  1. I'm suprised noone has said traveling yet I think that would be mine.. And shoes :G
  2. Jo Rowling says that her biggest luxury is shoes and just now I happened to check out what kind of accessories Emma's wearing and I noticed her Dior "Oui" ring. Thought it was rather nice and checked the price; over $600 ?! Could jewlery be Emma's luxury, or what else? What would be your luxury if you had that kind of money?
  3. I saw the video just now and you stole my idea to post it here Buying a bracelet seems like a poor thing to do, but it's the least I can do when I'm still in school. So, where do you get these fine bracelets? I don't really care if there are 1000 things like this going on in the world, if I can help by doing such a small thing that means I have enough to help in all the projects
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