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  1. I would scrum the toilets as long as i can have a wash after Would you have a 1V1 with a pro wrestler to meet emma?
  2. I could easily do that. Would you go through your worst fear to meet emma?
  3. Ofcourse after all its only distance Would you sleep on the streets for a week to meet emma?
  4. My advise is don't try and find a way of talking to her, think of all the people that are trying to comunicate with her, millions, i bet she gets sick of it, if you "love" her respect her, in my oppinion i don't think she likes all the fuss of being famous and she nearly didnt finish the Harry Potter film series because it all got abit too much for her with all the press constantly on her back. She doesn't deserve it all, she is a wonderful girl and is amazing in everyway.
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