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  1. perfect.shivers


    Sleepy. -perfect.shivers
  2. Here's a cap and a Minecraft graphic. --- update; --- -perfect.shivers
  3. Making French Toast with some banana. Or peanut butter and banana sandwich. -perfect.shivers
  4. perfect.shivers


    Sleepy. -perfect.shivers
  5. I wish it was better, but thankee! =P -perfect.shivers
  6. Ooh, its lovely. I love the background! -perfect.shivers
  7. Thankkeee you two! --- update; --- Did two today, I'm getting closer to the coloring I'm trying to achieve. Just need to have a more blurred background, with less pixels. -perfect.shivers
  8. The Emma Watson sets looks splendid. -perfect.shivers
  9. Great looking siggies. [; -perfect.shivers
  10. Lovely looking update, I like the Emma one especially. -perfect.shivers
  11. Aw, I love the blending. Amazing job! -perfect.shivers
  12. Thanks you three. ^.^ --- update; --- Mm, overly textured. Oh well. -perfect.shivers
  13. Graphics, maybe writing. -perfect.shivers
  14. Highights - Minecraft, watched tv, went for a run. -perfect.shivers
  15. font="Garamond"]Pretty colors. [= -perfect.shivers[/font]
  16. Going to watch V. Its been a busy day. -perfect.shivers
  17. update; --- Yeah, just some colors. -perfect.shivers
  18. Getting ready to go to Starbucks. I need to unwind... -perfect.shivers
  19. Yeah, another Doctor Who graphic. --- update; --- This one didn't turn out quite how I wanted it, mostly with the moon graphic at the bottom. Oh well... D= -perfect.shivers
  20. @porcelain.skinm- Thanksh. ^.^ @ShadowsLight- Aha, fantastic! Your welcome. -perfect.shivers
  21. Very lovely. -perfect.shivers
  22. Planning out my day in my head. -perfect.shivers
  23. Here you are! ;D --- request; --- Hope you like it! @Jade - Thanksh, but I agree - the blur did not work out as well as I had hoped for. The image I was coloring was really dark and when I brightened it up I had to fix it to stop it from looking horrid, so I went and blurred everything to help. -perfect.shivers
  24. Building bionicles with my brother. [= -perfect.shivers
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