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  1. I'm loving everything in here sweetie <333
  2. Yeah, I remembered that I just couldn't remember my password or the email that I had used for it, and it took ages just for me to remember which email was used with this account. Thanks for the help anyways.
  3. Thanks Ashley Thanks, I know I am no good at texts or fonts but.. I'm getting back into it methinks. Thank you Stefy --- I've been in a Katy mood for a while.. I love her, she was my first musician I ever saw live.. she's my inspiration, my idol and everything more. I worked kinda hard on this and I think I'm alright with the outcome, lol. Enjoy.
  4. Hi everyone, thanks for all the support and sorry I've been absent but I think I might be back. Anyways, haven't messed around in photoshop but I wanted to make something simple for now but am in the process of making something really good, methinks. Anyways here's two versions. Enjoy. Cya around.
  5. i was actually in process of making some, but of their newest video. havent seen new pics of mag yet
  6. Holy crap. I love the new ones. The one you are using now is my absolute favourite. You are perfect.
  7. Thanks stef, I am feeling better my sickness lasted over a week. I made myself a new set. Nothing big or fancy. Just needed to make something.
  8. I love Skins UK. I swear there is a girl here where I live who looks exactly like Cassie not even kidding I thought it was her. Ughh.
  9. I loved the game, I just hated the actress who voiced Lara, ugh.. if she didn't move to America so early in her life she would've had the part. But she just sounded so American that I kind of dislike hearing her talk every time. IMO don't care if you disagreed, just didn't really like her much.
  10. Love them. I just got my laptop back and you've inspired me!!
  11. Oh goodness thank you so much everyone! I don't have an update for today. Been sick. Hope you all have a good weekend.
  12. wow, everybody looks so awesome!! and Jade those snowmen are sexy.. we had snow like that, but i had to work and can't make snowmen cause my dogs like to mess that up. haha anyways, I haven't posted.. well.. probably in ever.. but here's 2. this is a blurry update on my other tattoo i was getting.. still needs to be completed.. and this is my hair braided cause of the new tomb raider game.. hha i've noticed having my hair braided makes it look shorter than what it really is..
  13. I absolutely love the game, already finished it. but sadly, not on my ps3, at somones home haha// Lara things. Sigs.
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