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  1. Ar, of course! I think I sent you two instruction comments by accident though, sorry. =P

  2. Haha, thanks, really appreciate it Mate!

    Happy Thanksgiving back I guess! [=

  3. Happy new year back!

  4. Happy New Year to you as well mate, I'll give pass it on to her! ;]

  5. Hullo, your back! [=

  6. I am! I'll rummage for the links right now. Its a portable version of CS5 if I didn't say before, basically you don't have to install anything and it has everything normal CS5 does. [=

  7. I don't, but I wish I did! I think braces look lovely on people. ^.^

    Are you off school?

  8. I will! Is it your actually your birthday tooddayy though? If so, have a happy one! =3

  9. Life tis fine, thanks for asking.

  10. Maybe go to West Edmonton Mall, but thats it. =D

  11. O-fine, kind of iffy. Yourself? [=

  12. Ooh, ok. Haven't got on recently - been busy with stuff. How'bout you?

  13. Same, its amazing! Have anything planned?

  14. Sure man, I only have one other person in my e-family, be honored to have you! [=

    Do you want to like put it in our sigs or sumthin?

  15. Sure, but I'll have to do it a bit later as I don't have a good upload speed right now.

  16. Thank yoo very much! How you enjoying life? Bit better?

  17. That sounds fun! I like going to youths and stuff.

    Must be a relief with them off, I know they can hurt. D=

  18. Whats LOTR? O.o

    Srry, Ima n00b with shortenings. D=

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