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  1. If in fact there is a downloadable online version of the script as you say RMSim that would be helpful to me and an option I might employ. Unfortunately from a discussion standpoint and script reading standpoint, I will not be able to read it right away when it comes out on the 31st. I will be visiting with my best friend and his family from the end of July through the first week of August and while their children may someday be interested in Harry Potter, they are a bit too young right now, so I doubt very much I will be spending any time looking for info about the Cursed Child until I re
  2. Perhaps once we have all had a chance to get and read the script (probably a while yet from now), the forum members here should read the parts together in some kind of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child FaceTime event? It would be like returning to High School English class. With the exception (in my case as a high schooler of the 1990s) of fewer poofy haircuts (minus Hermione's of course) and more formalized attire (yes... as if you couldn't tell already by my linguistic skills that I was a product of a Public School education...lol). We need some members to return to make that a possib
  3. OMG, the last premiere was 5 years ago already? From a videographer perspective it's one of the last things we R/E shippers have to hold on to regarding the ship which is part of why I think it will hold a special place in our hearts. There were several lovely Emma and Rupert moments during that final premiere. I have not seen Brad Paisley's video or heard the song yet, but I will be sure to check it out Kristin.
  4. My brothers and my sister have always had good senses of humor about things. I would say that when we get together we're not always funny, but we always have fun, we always laugh, and that's where I come up with the stuff I come up with. It's all just part and parcel to trying to be positive and have fun. Hopefully the things I say about Harry Potter and Rupert and Emma or Ron and Hermione are fun and positive more often then not. Sometimes I can roll my eyes at the things I write, but with all the seriousness in the world I feel like this place is a place where I can be genuine and hone
  5. Haha. LOL I kind of think of being thrown in the brig as tough love. Not punishment. Plus it's not all bad really. I've made friends with a few furry creatures down there and sure, the creepy crawlies may not look the most appetizing, but when you're hungry, well, it all tastes like chicken anyway.
  6. I have yet to read any reviews of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, as I don't want any spoilers and hope to get a book copy of the script. But is it generally be reviewed/received well? Poorly? by critics and play-goers?
  7. A Hogwarts Replica Castle... $324.95 Shiny Emerald colored Slytherin Tie autographed by Daniel Radcliffe and J.K. Rowling... $149.99 Tickets to the Cursed Child starting August 3rd... between $21.00 and $85.00 The revelation of a Rupert and Emma RomancE.... Priceless!
  8. If I could just win this darn Mega Millions Jackpot then I might invest in a couple of tickets to see the Cursed Child. Yeah, I know it's probably sold out for all shows, but I'm guessing 540 million has to be able to open a door or two that may have been closed in the past? *shrugs* HECK. I might even get to go back stage with Emma and Rupert if I grease the right palms.
  9. Welcome back Captain! And I'm doing fine thanks Courtney! How have you been? Have any of the HP cast - at least among the main characters - appeared together in any films since HP? Seems impossible to keep secrets away from the media, but wouldn't it be cool if Rupert and Emma were able to appear together in a film without any leaks spoiling it first? As co-stars it would likely be impossible but maybe, just maybe it could work and enough people could stay quite long enough if one made a guest appearance in the other's feature film. Or if they made a guest appearance together in a sm
  10. My name is Jon which you are welcome to call me. Or if you wish to use the user name Mr. P is fine. The shipping world was non existent to me until I discovered the Harry Potter books and movies back in December of 2009. I had actually seen the first movie when it came out in theatre's years before but my interests did not ignite back then. It was a conversation with my twin brother Clifford and watching the Family Channel's Harry Potter Christmas and seeing the Prisoner of Azkaban and The Goblet of Fire that first peeked my interest in the HP series. I am older then most of the people he
  11. Ronmione_Sim, I can understand why you would not like the books as much if Ron and Hermione did not end up together and Harry and Hermione did. With that said, JKR is too talented a writer to have allowed the Harry and Hermione friendship to develop and then suddenly thrust them together in the end romantically. Obviously if Harry/Hermione had been the end result then a lot of the preceding development would have been effected. So much so that it's hard to say what we would have thought of Ron or Hermione or Harry. Of course we only know the perspective we have and will never know the Bizz
  12. Ronmione_Sim, while I always believe that JKR has been true to herself there are times when I believe that her comments regarding the Ron/Hermione relationship after the HP series was done had at least SOMETHING to do with Ms. Rowling not so much wanting to appease the Harry/Hermione crowd, I think that is going a bit too far, but perhaps more accurately wanting to be diplomatic. A large portion of the HP fan base always wanted Harry to be with Hermione. There is some justification for that from a "traditional" perspective. Harry is the Hero. No two ways about it. And from childhood we
  13. For now I am trying to avoid the spoilers. I did not hear any of the Ron/Hermione spoilers, but will wait for the script to be published. I did hear some of the plot spoilers from a friend at work and while I would not say I was disappointed, speaking as best I can in vagueries it did seem like things might be a little too convoluted for my liking. I enjoy twists and turns like the next person, but sometimes all the twisting and turning does is make you dizzy until you fall face first into a brick wall. With some of the rumors I heard, I get the feeling there could be few bruised faces.
  14. Of course you can join us! We're always happy to talk Ron-Hermione. Sadly we are not as active here these days as we were in the past. I am sure that the news surrounding the Cursed Child might help reinvigorate things though once the details of the story gets out. We will analyze and over analyze the details of the relationship... haha.. because that's what we do best.
  15. I have heard a few spoilers concerning the plot line but will keep them to myself without knowing if they were truly accurate or not. At any rate, it's exciting news. Also, do we know when the head shots were taken? Noma's hair could already be longer, and whether it's a wig or her natural hair, in the most recent pictures of the cast her hair more resembles the bushy style so often attributed to Hermione in the novels. I'm interested to see how the personalities translate as adults for Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco and whomever else might be in the play. I imagine Neville will be in t
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