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  1. Beauty. ;D -perfect.shivers
  2. Worked on this for a few hours, I had to take away the color in the end cus it didn't look very good. --- update; --- @Elena - Thanks you so much! I do, would you like something? @remedysweet - Aha, thanks. =D Yeah, it was a little tricky to do but not that hard. You may! I only made one though, so I'm going to do some more later. If you like one of those better your welcome to use them instead. [; -perfect.shivers
  3. Feeling a lot happier after talking to someone very special. -perfect.shivers
  4. [color-grey]76 -perfect.shivers[/color]
  5. Cereal, two cups of coffee, 7 instant pancakes, tea, stirfry, and two ginger snap cookies. -perfect,shivers
  6. I forgot what I was going to type here. XD But er, feeling more cheery then before. Thats making me want to change my set for some odd reason. -perfect.shivers
  7. Going to watch some classic trek soon. -perfect.shivers
  8. perfect.shivers


    Cheery. -perfect.shivers
  9. Right, first time legitimately using textures and all 'sides overlays. I like how this one turned out ok. --- update; --- Took a while, tell me how it looks? O= -perfect.shivers
  10. Lost something, desperately looking for it. >.< -perfect.shivers
  11. perfect.shivers


    [color-grey]Now mad. -perfect.shivers[/color]
  12. Slow Monday, I think I'll do some writing today. I have tons of free time now. -perfect.shivers
  13. Having another cup of coffee and then cutting the back lawn. -perfect.shivers
  14. perfect.shivers


    Fairly happy. -perfect.shivers
  15. One more graphic. I liked how this one turned out better then the last. --- update; --- I think that's all the graphics for today. -perfect.shivers
  16. Need to find someone to talk to. >.< -perfect.shivers
  17. Resume stuff, church, planned for an outing tomorrow, Minecraft. -perfect.shivers
  18. perfect.shivers


    Lonely. -perfect.shivers
  19. Trying not to think about loneliness, so I'll busy myself. =D -perfect.shivers
  20. Cereal, a sandwich, and an apple granola bar. -perfect.shivers
  21. I got back in fine after the restart last night, but I had previous troubles getting on in the day [day for me of course, day for not many others]. -perfect.shivers
  22. Lovely Potter sigs. I like the breaking dawn post as well! -perfect.shivers
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