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  1. You have enough posts and you've been here long enough so just PM a moderator and they will give you access.
  2. Things like this are bound to happen once in a while and there's nothing we can do about it. The weather isn't always predictable so it's easy to make a mistake and Emma has a hectic life, I'm sure she can't think of everything all the time. Now let's stay on topic guys, and try to ignore each other. It's not worth getting wound up about.
  3. Emma-Watson.net's new Tumblr!
  4. padfoot


    Happy, having such a fun weekend.
  5. Lol Fred and George were serving me ice cream and mini muffins... random... but awesome.
  6. It's hard to believe the forum was so busy once upon a time! I miss it.
  7. Going to buy dinner, prepare for my new job, watch tv and then off to bed early.
  8. padfoot


    Kind of excited, finally felt a decent earthquake! Been expecting it for quite a while now.
  9. Generally the blurb or title will do more for me but the cover will probably make me pick it up in the first place. Mind you I was very tempted to buy a book yesterday just because the pages had sparkly gold edges
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