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  1. [color-grey]The colors on this one went a bit odd. --- update; --- I'll update with a few more soon. -perfect.shivers[/color]
  2. perfect.shivers


    [color-grey]Slightly cautious. -perfect.shivers[/color]
  3. Got my laptop charger and did a 6 kilometer run. -perfect.shivers
  4. Isn't there a new app you can just install, I'm pretty sure there are forum plugins and things for invision right? I could be completely wrong though. =P If it doesn't clear up you could make an IRC redirect link if people wanted. That may be more dependent, and would have more features I believe. -perfect.shivers
  5. Last of my chores, and then a nice evening to look forward to. -perfect.shivers
  6. [color-grey]Waffles for breakfast, and two peanut butter and banana sandwiches for lunch. In my Sesame Street sandwich maker lol. -perfect.shivers[/color]
  7. [color-grey]Mostly cloudy, bits of sun. -perfect.shivers[/color]
  8. perfect.shivers


    [color-grey]Feeling good. -perfect.shivers[/color]
  9. [color-grey]Facebook stuff. -perfect.shivers[/color]
  10. Laptop's up and running again, I'll be making some graphics later. -perfect.shivers
  11. Did a lot of writing. -perfect.shivers
  12. I've been using it lately for some odd reason. And yes you may, I'll do it fast as I can! So a day or two. Not exactly facepalm, but I thought it was a good twist though. -perfect.shivers
  13. ^perfectshivers [= My brother's going on a date, quite happy for him! -perfect.shivers
  14. Turning on some music and working on some room cleaning. -perfect.shivers
  15. perfect.shivers


    Undecided. -perfect.shivers
  16. Everything is so pretty, and the Ron & Hermione wall [+ the Ron edit] are epic! -perfect.shivers
  17. Lovely to hear thank you! =D I'll mostly be posting every day, my laptop is just a bit knackered at the moment. -perfect.shivers
  18. Getting my Skype stuff tomorrow as well as a new laptop charger. If only a new laptop. -sigh- -perfect.shivers
  19. Cleaning my room. -perfect.shivers
  20. perfect.shivers


    Sick but happy. -perfect.shivers
  21. perfect.shivers


    Protective. -perfect.shivers
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