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  1. This is the cover: source: Tumblr Two more picture from Twitter:
  2. Elle UK November 2011 : Emma Watson by Rankin
  3. Emma visited Vogue today, and the Beauty Director, Sarah Brown, tweeted these pictures with some comments.
  4. Emma watson leaving a movie theater in Los Angeles, CA (August 1). She looks tired!!!
  5. I don't know for the guy but the blonde girl is Sophie. A Emma's best friend since Oxford. She was on "Britain's Next Top Model 5"
  6.  She sure loves her scarves... I forgot to write the date : July, 31
  7. I like the scarf she has around her head..
  8. I saw anothers pictures on eyeprime: I think her outfit might be forgivable at the gym. Horrible outfit and colour Her hair is growing. I really hope she gets her long hair back! .it suits her beauty so much better
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