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  1. O.O tell me mo... oh.

  2. so what's your specialty? ô.O

  3. k I can understand, I like small women too. They can reach all the spots when cleaning >.<

  4. :( tall guys get to take out the trash then? So unfair
  5. Dayum, dem short guys. They get all the love.

  6. But he's also rilly rilly small.

  7. well, it's still him. Except his head looks kinda squashed so he looks like a hobbit. (incline)

  8. How can you not like the Rupester?

    Also did you just resize it? Now it looks freaky O.o

  9. a dozen Elenas = great

    a dozen Radcliffes = oh noes

    maybe even a Rupert, I'd prefer that (no homo)

  10. wtf avatar change? When I open my profile now there are a dozen Radcliffes looking at me o.O

  11. ô.O *pokes*

  12. well not exactly spying. I just click around on the screen whem I'm bored. That Day of the Ninja thing drove me crazy ;)

  13. uh sry. I spy on everyone's profile >.< Hi! ;)

  14. quiet but nice. Just hanging around my parents' house. U?

  15. Hi hope you're having a nice Xmas :)

  16. you should totally come into the chat ;P

  17. "anyway I'll have new photos this holidays, so more girliness to come." moar is better because... MOAR!

  18. "I actually wish to look more like my own age" you don't really look like you're super young tho. You have an expressive face and that always makes people look more mature in my book

  19. nothing wrong with the girliness if you're a girl... it usually shows when people just pose cute for photos but they're really grumpy cunts ;) Your gurl comes from within.

  20. well dayum <3

    it's officially hot in Romania right now

  21. hello MrsClaus ;P

  22. +50 AWSUM POINTS!! :D

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