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    Photo editing, graphic design, digital painting and my favorite singer is Lisa Lavie. Give her a search on youtube and thank me for finding her.

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  1. Elena

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    thank you! much appreciated!
  2. Elena

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  3. Elena

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    I am just putting materials together...
  4. Elena

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    thank you! hopefully this year me and mike will be able to do a watson weekly - my desire would be to do it once a month....
  5. Elena

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    awww thank you x3
  6. I wish you speedy recovery! I had depression and anxiety some months ago, and I am back to myself now, fully creative.
  7. Can you have a read through my blogs? https://bit.ly/fashionrambles https://bit.ly/thinkingsustainably https://bit.ly/theenvironmentalistblog
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