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  2. Sweardown though, are you lot actually thinking I could be the one hosting this?
  3. Lets hope there isn't any liver in that cake of yours.
  4. It's tastes like horse piss and dissappointment.
  5. Am I the only one here who actually lives relatively close to her? Ok I just noticed how this may work, We come together to make the cake, we realise that we are nothing like we imagined and we all hate each other. Make a half-assed cake that tastes like Hulk Hogans armpit hair. Emma obliges, meets all 20 of us. We meet, everyone is too beta to say anything, so we watch her eat the hulk hogan armpit hair cake in silence. She looks hilariously uncomfortable. Somebody films this, puts it on YouTube. We get universally hated. She feels slightly queasy, decides to press charges. We get impris
  6. Ok here's how this will probably go down: Idiots (us) make cake Give cake to Emma Emma freaks out Alerts the po-po We get arrested Court day, we get 10+ years with no bail or parole Go to prison Get one banged by a ex-boxer Get shanked Die Get resurrected Repeat ad infinium
  7. I'd think we'd have a better chance of kicking Kim Jon Un in the balls then having Emma accept the cake and not being sent to prison/ put on the sex offenders register.
  8. Aight cool That's not really what I had in mind though.
  9. Then sent to prison, repeatedly shanked, then we die.
  10. As the title implies, I've had ideas about writing a fanfic about Emma. However, I have no idea how this would work. That's why I've come to you guys. How would this work? What should I write about? How do I create portray other people?
  11. I'm also worried about the guy who started this thread. 'Emma's Slave' really?
  12. I'm just thinking of how others would see us.
  13. POBAW had her with some nice hair too.
  14. How do you do skill moves then?
  15. Yeah, I'm on the Xbox. How is it playing with KB/M?
  16. Do you play ultimate team?
  17. Shaved hair would be really weird.
  18. I'm actually gonna piss myself if we actually end up sending her cake.
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