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  1. Disclaimer: this is not a hate post or trolling. Thank you for understanding. So I've been surfing through web and I stumbled upon these two blogs (i dunno if it's okay to post the link, but I'm pretty sure that people on this forums who use tumblr probably know what I'm talking about). You can hardly call them EW fan blogs, but they're not hate blogs either, just people pointing out that EW is not that perfect and showing evidence of her lying/being hypocrite. I used to admire Emma and even was an active user on this forums once (some of the oldies might remember me as Foxxy). When product
  2. Well she always said how much school means to her and how nerdy she is. If she was really into studying that much she would've graduated long ago. Bonnie did. Well there are rumors about her doing “Queen of the Tearling.†Filming a blockbuster would take up almost all of her free time.. I guess she'll have to miss a few more semesters. BTW, didn't Emma say that she doesn't want to be a part of big franchise for a while? It's really hard to understand her lately.. seems like she says one thing and does something else entirely.
  3. Movie was gr8. As for Emma's part in it and why she left filming... you know, this incident: We all know she visits strip bars and sex clubs.. and she freaked out seeing a guy in thongs? And leaving like that... that was so unprofessional. She knew what she was signing up to.. if one feels uncomfortable with something that they shouldn't do it in the first place.
  4. Nah, I don't think she decided to become a graphic designer. It's something greatfriedays' web/graphic designers made based upon her wishes. That's all.
  5. Seems like it'll never happen. I'm really disappointed tbh.. she said that school means so much to her yet she chooses acting in movies over classes.
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